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Chinese Internet Companies Enjoy Surge in Mobile Revenues

Chinese Internet companies Alibaba and Youku Tudou enjoy the surge in mobile revenues as Chinese users take their digital habits on smartphones for mo...

Web site targets Chinese market?

Web site targets Chinese market? How to do it correctly? Nine tips that will save you time and moneyWhile Mihaibao looks as if it’s an e-commer...

Upcoming Exhibitions and Expos in Shanghai

A new season unfolds this September in Shanghai. It’s autumn and there will be shorter hot days and longer cool days come by latter weeks. As record...

What Happens When Professional Chinese Translators and Machine Translators Work Together?

What can professional Chinese translators and machine translators achieve together?

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how does chinese legal translation service work

An Overview of Chinese Legal Translation: How Does it Work?

Deed of sale. Certificate of Registration. Other l...
chinese luxury and tourism translation tips

A Checklist for Chinese Luxury and Tourism Translation Projects

In our previous blog post, 4 Things You Should Kno...
mobile gaming market in China

A Sneak Peek at the Growing Mobile Gaming Industry in China

The gaming market in China is growing at an astoun...
china outbound tourism market

4 Things You Should Know About China’s Outbound Tourism

Did you know Chinese tourists spent U$109.8 billion in overseas trips last year? The outbound tourism market in China is expected to grow in the next few years.

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Award-winning Translator Shares Poetic Translation Techniques

Xu Yuanchong, a 93-year-old award-winning translat...

Smartphones Drive the Growth of Language Translation Software Market

A US-based research company, WinterGreen Resea...

China Internet Companies Pursue Films

China’s leading online video website Youku Tudou announced on Thursday its plans to launch a new film studio called Heyi Film Inc. as part of its strategic plans in tapping this growing market in China. While Mihaibao looks as if it’s an e-commerce website, Lam clarified that they are a tech company She explained that … Continue reading China Internet Companies Pursue Films

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Entering the Chinese Market – Why Taking Your Business to China Is A Good Idea

If you ask any business professional, “What is t...

Explore Business Opportunities In China – Infographic

Start with a Mandarin Voice Over Of Your Business ...

How Your App Stands To Benefit from Software Localization

When entering a foreign market, nothing matters mo...

Tips and Techniques for Internet-based Marketing on the Chinese Web

There are a number of efficient ways to ensure the success of your marketing plan on the Chinese Web. Before making the first step, there are a few things you might want to check:

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