Chinese Millennials and Their Online Behaviors

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Did you know that Chinese millennials are often termed as ‘digital natives’? That’s because they have grown up alongside the advancement of latest technologies.

It is worth noting that the Chinese 90’s millennials are now growing up. And now marketers need to learn about their preferences, tastes, and behaviors to help understand their purchasing patterns.

In China alone, there are 211 million 90’s millennials. This figure equals 15.4% of the total Chinese population, and 5 times more the number of 90’s millennials in the US.

Stated below are some interesting facts about 90’s Chinese millennials and their online behaviors:

Their Family Structure

Approximately 96% of the 90’s millennials depend on their families for financial assistance. A typical family of a 90’s millennial comprises six adults. These family members support millennials on monetary as well as emotional grounds.

Chinese millennials online

Spending Habits

It must be noted that Chinese 90’s millennials are considered to be huge spenders. Statistics say that when planning to purchase cars, 90’s millennials have greater disposable income than 80’s millennials.

Surrounded by Digital Technologies

As stated earlier, 90’s millennials are known as digital natives. Studies show that 50% of all the Chinese 90’s millennials pick and check their smart phones after every 15 minutes. Their favorite online activities in the order of preference include:

  • Social networking,
  • Online shopping,
  • Watching mobile videos, and
  • Mobile banking.

Social Media Behaviors

Chinese millennials prefer to learn about the latest news and information by someone they know. Therefore, 70% of the millennials seek information on social media platforms. Moreover, they are fond of publishing their lives on the social media. It is not surprising to learn that Chinese millennials use mobile apps 3 times more frequently than the Americans.

Online Video Consumption

Chinese millennials lead again. Chinese millennials spend around 840 minutes watching online videos per month, whereas, American millennials spend only 448 minutes.

Chinese millennials online Major Video Platforms in China and US

Stated below are the five major video-watching platforms in China and the US:


  • Youku,
  • Sohu TV,
  • Tencent Video,


  • Youtube,
  • Netflix,
  • Facebook,
  • Instagram,
  • Snapchat.

Mobile Commerce

Chinese millennials predominantly shop online via their mobile phones. Statistics say that 90’s millennials accounted for $4 billion of online shopping (as of 2014). Chinese millennials mostly shop for the following categories online:

  • Clothing (85%),
  • Accessories (60%),
  • Entertainment (45%),
  • Cosmetics (40%), and
  • Electronics (40%).

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