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Mandarin Voice Over: Hire Professional Mandarin Chinese Voiceover TalentMandarin Voice-Over

We have collected the best mandarin Chinese voiceover artists for commercials, online brochures, advertisements and a number of other purposes.

Together with our English to Chinese translation solutions, these voiceovers are the definitive solution for broadcast, corporate video, IVR and a multitude of other needs. If you need uncompromised accuracy on Chinese captions, translations and voiceovers, call on us.

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Chinese Voice Over

Let the professional Chinese voice over speakers do the work for you. Just imagine, Mandarin has four basic tones and a fifth neutral one while Cantonese has six different tones in syllables,wouldn’t it be more efficient if you leverage on their skills via voice dubbing on your Chinese promotional videos?

The native speakers at LIMPID speak fluent Mandarin and Cantonese and are highly recommended by our clients. The team carries out the dubbing process in a professional recording studio using the latest dubbing and multimedia technologies. If you’re looking for the most accurate and professional Chinese dubbing services, you have come to the right page.


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Limpid only offers professional translation services. Our translation rates includes proofreading, copy editing, and localization at the highest standard of quality.


LIMPID was established in 2008 and since then has grown into a global translation agency, helping start-ups, SMEs, and corporate clients grow their businesses in China.

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We have a team strategically located across the globe to ensure all time zones are covered and able to respond to the clients’ needs and deliver projects ahead of time.


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