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Who are we?

“Looking for China language and Internet services to harness effective marketing and business strategies? LIMPID can provide you professional, scalable and customizable solutions to help you jumpstart your business in China.

LIMPID is a leading China language and Internet services agency with four offices in East Asia and Latin America that provides Chinese translations and Internet services to more than 50 cities worldwide.

The company has a dedicated team of Chinese web developers, professional translators, China SEO specialists, marketing experts and talented Mandarin and Cantonese speakers located strategically across Asia, who are well-informed with the current trends, opportunities and challenges in China market.

What do we do?

The team will provide professional, scalable and customizable China language and Internet services to help you jumpstart your business in China.”

Our expertise includes:

  • Chinese Translation and Localization
  • Developing online solutions
  • Language & Internet services
  • Support exhibitions
  • Software localization
  • Multimedia production
  • Managing delegations

Why choose Us?

LIMPID is known for its consistent reputation for delivering high-quality projects to global clients and assures a quick turnover of projects supervised by professional managers. Each project is proofread carefully at least once to ensure quality and clear translation as per customer’s requirements.

With a proven track record of producing exceptional Chinese language, translations, and online marketing solutions, Limpid also provides a full range of consultancy and support services for private companies and individuals.

Other services also include:

  • Business Card Translation
  • Managing Promotional Content
  • Coordinating on-site English-Mandarin Interpreters

Still not sure?
Not yet sure of our services? You can browse our website and read our list of clients, testimonials, case studies, and galleries. We also provide consultancy and support services for companies and individuals that plan to enter the local market.

Clients are guaranteed with consistent translations from English into Simplified and Traditional languages and also into Mandarin and Cantonese on multimedia projects. In every industry, there’s a well-versed translator and/or interpreter who’s also an industry expert to ensure and fact-check the terminologies and content, whether in written or spoken form.

Clients are offered with affordable rates based on the quality, time, and costs of projects. Depending on the type of project and the requirements, clients are advised to fill up a form to receive a quotation of the services. In short, you get what you pay for.

We value every project that we handle and guarantee excellence to all deliverables. All translation and dubbing projects are sent to professional linguists and translators who are expert on different industries.

LIMPID values client’s intellectual property rights and guarantees that the company will comply with any Information Security requirements the clients may impose. LIMPID implements a strict internal Information Security policy to this end.

Meet the team behind this work

Junyou Chen

Web Designer, Developer & Translator

Maria Krisette Capati

Online Marketing Manager & Content Editor

Yi Xin

English to Chinese Senior Translator and Copywriter

Chao Cheng

Head of China Online Marketing and E-commerce Department

Sophie Ao

Chief of Software Localization Projects & Voice-Over Productions

Tomer Yehezkeli

Founder and Director of the Shanghai office

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