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3 Things You Should Know About Legal Document Translation Services in Chinese

Before you say yes to that legal document translation in Chinese, take note of these. Work with a legal translator that has experience, specialization, and must be bilingual. By that a bilingual lawyer, especially for complex documents. Finding an excellent Chinese legal translator is rare. So, you need to set the standards high and do … Continued

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How to Grow Your Business With China Content Marketing

You can never go wrong when you go mobile. In China, the use of mobile devices is like the air we breathe. It’s everywhere. The old aunt selling fresh apples on the side-street can accept payment via a QR code on your WeChat. That brick-and-mortar shop selling clothes and shoes can accept WeChatPay. More than … Continued

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How Does Online Advertising in China Work?

Would you like to elevate your marketing strategies in China? There are different ways to leverage online advertising. It could be an organic or paid one, depending on your goals and aggressiveness. As of this writing, there are more than 800 million internet users with 98% mobile penetration. It’s a huge number. But how can … Continued

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4 Ways to Promote Your Business Using PPC Ads in China

If you want fast, on-point results in advertising, PPC (pay-per-click) is the best option. Of course, we still love working on organic searches and strategies. But if you want to elevate your online marketing in China, you need to invest in these options. You need to understand that what works in the US or Europe … Continued

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Chinese E-Commerce Festivals You Need To Mark In Your Diary

The Chinese lunar calendar decides the auspicious dates for transitional festivals and celebrations. With many festivals characterized by themes, traditional celebrations have a historical and cultural significance to them.

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