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Top 5 China App Stores (2022)

China App Stores: when it comes to selling mobile apps in China, where you publish and sell them is just as important as the app itself. With over 1.6 billion mobile subscribers, China is a huge mobile app market, but it’s also a complex and competitive one. To make sure your mobile app reaches the […]

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Baidu Advertising: The Latest Regulations (2022)

Since its establishment in 2000, Baidu has been the dominant player in China’s online search market. As the company has developed, it has also become a powerful advertising platform. However, Baidu has come under increased scrutiny from Chinese regulators. Amidst concerns over monopoly power and user privacy, new regulations have been put into place, affecting […]

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How To Localize Your Marketing Materials in Chinese for Better Conversions

Studies show that localization is key for better conversions when it comes to online and offline marketing. It means tailoring your marketing materials to the specific region or market you’re targeting. For companies looking to do business in China, this is especially important, as the Chinese market is unique and can be difficult to penetrate […]

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3 Smart Ways Doing Business in China Remotely

When doing business in China from a distance, it’s essential to be smart about how you go about it. COVID-19 has complicated things, but you can make strides towards success with some careful planning. It’s been two years since China closed its borders. Thus, businesses, whether local or foreign-based, are capitalizing on the power of […]

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Localizing Website to Chinese: Two Indispensable Matters to Consider

When doing business in China, it’s essential to consider the culture and language. Like any other global market, localizing your website to Chinese is key to engaging with potential Chinese customers. But what are the two most important aspects of localization to focus on? And how can you make sure your website is ready for […]

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