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Ten reasons why you should have Multilingual Websites – Part Two

Multilingual Websites: This blog post is a continuation to our last post ‘Ten reasons why you should have a Multilingual Website-Part 1’ where we discussed the various reasons as to why you should consider making your website accessible in multiple languages. While the importance of multilingual websites from a business perspective should be clear to […]

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Send Support Messages to Colleagues and Customers in China

The outbreak of the Coronavirus in China disrupts business operations all over China, workers in some places are on holiday and many of them work from home. Many foreign companies operating in the Chinese arena have also suspended their activity – this is a great opportunity to send a short email or Wechat support message […]

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How Can Chinese Interpretation Services Help Companies Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

No one really knows when this Coronavirus outbreak will stop. China, the second-largest economy, could lose billions of dollars, affecting several industries.  Some companies that have local teams in the Mainland are finding ways to operate virtually. “Business as usual” as we quote an adage. And as business trips are being canceled, companies are opting for […]

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Ten reasons why you should have a Multilingual Website – Part One

The internet constantly continues to grow and has successfully become the default platform for conducting business and for people searching for services and goods or their related information. For businesses that are looking to gain a competitive advantage, a multilingual website offers the highest impact in terms of greater sales and helps secure a better […]

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How Different Are Web Design Patterns In China?

Have you ever looked at a Chinese website before? If not, search on Google for Chinese websites and you will see a number of differences that are quite clear. The first thing that will come to your mind is that the website is too cluttered or confusing. It might come off as too busy with […]

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