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Popular Chinese Inventions That Shaped the Modern World

One central feature of the incredibly rich and beautiful culture of China is the affinity that Chinese people have for invention. In fact, some of the most important inventions that helped shape the modern world came from China! It’s safe to say that without the export of some inventions that are listed below, the rest […]

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How Is Baidu SEO Different From Google SEO

Baidu SEO:Baidu has become China’s number 1 search engine, in just a few years since its inception in 2000. Founded by Chinese search scientist and entrepreneur Robin Li, it has become the most popular with approximately 80% of the share in overall search engine market of the county. If you are thinking of investing in […]

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How to Grow Your Online Presence in China for Tourism and Hospitality Sectors

Do you see an increase in Chinese visitors in your city? Do you receive more web traffic from Chinese users? Do you have a website or social media channels, and you want to reach out to more Chinese tourists?  If you answer yes to these questions, better read below and learn how you can grow […]

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Consumer Dynamics – How Are the Chinese Costumers Different From the West

The Chinese consumer market is one that’s not given its due weight by Western companies. However, in actuality China can single handedly outdo the U.S. even when it comes to an area of American consumer competency, such as spending money. This of all things should provide an eye opening example to foreign investors of the […]

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Watch Out for These in 2020: 5 Growing Industries in China

Thinking what are the thriving industries in China? Whether you want to start from scratch or develop your strategies, here’s a good read for you.  It can be daunting to keep up with the latest trends in China. For 2020, most of the growing industries are related to the internet and technology.  China’s ambition to […]

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