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Things to Consider When Designing a Website for the Chinese Market

A decade ago, the Chinese economy was confined only to its cocoon of socialism but it has been progressing for the past few years and has opened up to the western notions of capitalism and free trade. It serves an extensive multiplicity of customers all over the world that are chiefly interested in banking, export, […]

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Tips for an Effective Chinese Voice-Over

The documentary ‘China Rising’ highlighted the fact that China is indeed on its way to being dubbed a superpower. The global stage has indeed been taken over by the Chinese economy and more and more businesses are looking into localizing their businesses in China so as to earn more revenue. While China is the largest […]

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Expanding Your Brand In The Chinese Market – Infographic

Corporations have to spend a considerable amount of effort and money to figure out the best way to increase brand awareness in China.

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Bursting The Bubble: Chinese Translation Misconceptions Revealed!

Many people who do not know Chinese or only know a few things in Chinese tend to believe things about the language that are not actually true. Let’s look at some of the misconceptions that our translators find to be the most interesting: 1. Chinese has no grammar Just because Chinese grammar is not similar […]

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How Professionally Translated Legal Documents Can Help Your Case in the Chinese Market

Legal paperwork is one of the most critical types of documentation an organization possesses. It’s what keeps their company safe from costly lawsuits and allows them to conduct business legally and with authorization. However, when you take your business overseas, you need to have a sound interpretation of region-specific laws and linguistics. Having professionally translated legal […]

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