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Suggestions for an Effective Chinese Voice Over

Voiceovers may seem simple and straight forward to execute, but the reality is that they can be immensely stressful and time consuming for even the most sought-after professionals. They are not only an effective way to evoke emotions or to get an important message across to the audiences, but without voiceovers the media wouldn’t have […]

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Brand Localization in China

Branding in China is one of the greatest challenges for global businesses. Many successful brands, including Coca Cola have failed terribly in the Chinese market. Considering this, companies have started adopting or redesigning their brands to meet the needs of the local customers. Although localization is key to creating successful brands in virtually every part […]

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3 Benefits of Video Marketing in China

Today, videos are the most efficient marketing tools in the Chinese market. A few years ago, television used to be the prime medium for video advertising, but today services like YouTube and Youku have drastically changed the video marketing landscape. Now, businesses of any size and budget can create video marketing messages and reach out […]

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The Challenges of Chinese Localization

Chinese is widely considered as one of the oldest and the most difficult languages to master in the entire world. The mastery of this language is even difficult for its native speakers. This makes it almost impossible for non-natives to establish a firm foothold, if they wish to invest in the economically booming Chinese market. […]

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Your Guide to Chinese Game Localization and Translation

Chinese game localization and translation involves complex processes.  But that’s where the fun, creativity, and strategies come in. You need to consider how your target audience thinks and interacts with apps and games.  In this blog post, you will learn the basics of Chinese game localization and translation. As you know, localization taps the cultural […]

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