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Exploring the Value of Chinese Translations for Businesses

Chinese Translations for Businesses: China is a distinctive country. Its inhabitants have their own set of standards, attitudes, and viewpoints, in addition to their own unique ways of conducting business. For someone who isn’t Chinese native, marketing your product or service can be a process of hit and miss. Dissimilar educational and cultural setting makes […]

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Exploiting the Buying Power of Online Chinese Consumers

According to the International Monetary Fund, China has left behind the U.S. as the world’s largest economy! With a flourishing domestic economy and the expansion of a prosperous middle class with sufficient disposable income, Chinese consumers are leading the race as the world’s biggest purchasers. Regardless of their recent economic pre-eminence, many Chinese consumers give […]

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Why SEO Knowledge Is Important When Translating Website?

When you are planning to target a set of international audiences, one of the most important things that you must begin with is translating your website content into the native language of the target market. Having a multilingual website can yield wide-ranging benefits for businesses in a global context. It not only allows you to […]

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China Web Traffic: How Translating Your Website in Chinese Will Help

China Web Traffic: Maximizing conversions from international audiences is a primary factor that drives website traffic, and ultimately, sales. It is true that our native language has a massive bearing on our behavior, attitude and purchasing habits. According to a research published in Harvard Business Review (HBR), around 72.1% of the consumers spend their time […]

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What I Learned From Starting a Business in China:

A Story of a Successful Startup or a Failed One Today, it is the dream of nearly every entrepreneur to establish a strong foothold in the fascinating market of China. From China’s flourishing economy to positive business prospects and of course, the popularity of Chinese language, entrepreneurs are tempted to set up their Business in […]

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