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5 tips on creating an impressive powerpoint pitch For Chinese investors – Infographic

Looking to create an impressive PowerPoint pitch to impress your investors in China? Get in touch with Limpid. To find out more, contact us today!

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3 Things You Need to Know Before Going Global!

Five years ago, you opened your own custom shoe store in the U.S. You slaved away day and night for months. And today, your business has finally taken off. Now, you’re looking to take your business a step further by going global. However, it’s your first time and you’re a nervous wreck! Not sure how […]

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Tips On Using Wechat For Marketing In China – Infographic

Dial +86-13-7616-98467 to get in touch with professionals at limpid translations today!

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Business Benefits for Hiring a Translation Service

With the evolution of China as one of the strongest global markets, several businesses have expanded their outreach to accommodate the growing Chinese influence through customized strategies and partnerships. However, one of the biggest struggle businesses face when entering the Chinese market is effectively overcoming the language barrier that exists. Here’s how a professional translation […]

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Why Machine Translations Have Failed

Rapid technological progress has made us completely dependent on machines. From moving around to cooking, we employ machines to either make all our tasks easier or to finish the tasks without any human input. Granted, the use of machines makes our lives so much easier to manage. But at the same time some machines have […]

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