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Things to Consider When Targeting a Website for the Chinese Market

Are you targeting your website for the Chinese market? Maybe you should read this: a decade ago, the Chinese economy was confined only to its cocoon of socialism but it has been progressing for the past few years and has opened up to the western notions of capitalism and free trade. It serves an extensive … Continued

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4 Types of Technical Documents that Need Chinese Translation

Who says reading an end-user document is fun? Do you enjoy reading the Terms and Conditions of a software company you’d like to use? Well, if you think reading these technical documents is tedious and laborious, you are not alone. We, too, believe they’re the least type of materials we’d like to read. However, when … Continued

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Chinese Localization: Selecting The Best Voice Talent

If you’re planning to establish or market your brand in China, you need to give precedence to local culture and language in every move you make. 17% of the global population is native Chinese. They also have a consumer market that’s expanding at an incredible speed.

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How To Optimize Mobile Copywriting in China

With over 550 million users accessing mobile content on their smartphones on the go, the need to optimize mobile copywriting has become a pressing need.

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Why Take Advantage of Certified Chinese Translation Services for Legal Documents

Are you wondering what certified translation can on your documents? Have you ever thought if you need it in your business or legal documents? Let’s explore why and when should you avail certified Chinese translation services. Understand that not all documents in Chinese should have certified translations. However, if it’s for legal matters, a translation … Continued

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