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3 Common Myths Regarding Chinese Translation and Interpretation

As the Chinese translation and interpretation services are gaining importance over the years, the air around it continues to be unclear. There are countless myths and misconceptions surrounding the Chinese translation and interpretation services that have made many businesses skeptical. After many failed attempts at clearing all the myths, some misunderstanding still exists in the … Continued

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Things to Keep In Mind When Translating Your Brands Name to Chinese

Home to the world’s largest population and economy, China has attracted a multitude of international brands seeking a piece of the Chinese pie. The first consideration is overcoming language barriers and coming up with a suitable brand name.

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Best Practices on Chinese Web Localization for Multinational Companies

Multinational companies with web presence struggle between two alternatives, whether to reach their international customers with a standardized global website or a localized one that is designed according to the presence of cross-cultural differences in customers’ online behavior. Some companies develop a standardized website, while others move beyond globalization by partnering with experienced translators to … Continued

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How Does Chinese Video Translation Work?

A simple, concise, and replicable system in Chinese video translation and Mandarin voice-over projects helps us maintain high-quality deliverables to clients. The goal is to meet the requirements and ensure that throughout the process, there are no compromised concepts and ambiguous words. Working on a variety of projects – from Dynamic Earth show in Cantonese … Continued

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3 Important Lessons that Luxury Brands Can Learn from D&G Chinese Promotional Ad Fiasco

If you’re following the news about China internet, you probably came across the Dolce & Gabbana advertisement that provoked public outrage. The luxury brand launched the three short videos in mid-November on Chinese social networking sites like Weibo to promote the “The Great Show,” the brand’s upcoming runway show in Shanghai on November 21. The … Continued

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