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How to Ace Your Business Meetings in China

Do you have a business meeting in China coming up? If so, prepare to brush up on the etiquette and protocols that will make your meeting go smoothly. From mastering the basics of politeness to anticipating cultural differences, there are things you should consider when engaging with Chinese business partners to ace your meetings. By […]

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Professional Chinese Legal Translation: Compliance is Key When Doing Business

Understanding the rules and laws of different countries can be a challenge. But when doing business in China, you must stay compliant with local regulations. Here’s why: A reputable Chinese legal consulting service and translation agency can help you navigate the ins and outs of Chinese law and compliance procedures. Any deal or transaction you […]

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Business in China 2023 – Opportunities and Challenges

As a foreign company, the opportunities for doing business in China can be immense. First, it’s one of the world’s largest and oldest societies.  Second, it’s becoming increasingly open to foreign investment and international collaboration.  The current environment in China presents unique challenges and exciting possibilities for businesses like yours looking to expand their reach […]

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We-Media in China: Everything You Need to Know in 2023

We-Media in China: With over 1 billion active internet users, China’s digital landscape is an attractive market for global companies looking to expand their operations. That said, understanding the We-Media environment in 2023 has become crucial for success. We-Media stands out because it allows businesses to leverage peer recommendations when promoting products and services. It […]

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How to Make the Best Translation of a Business Presentation in Chinese

How to Make the Best Translation of a Business Presentation to Chinese Are you planning to make a business presentation in Chinese? If so, the success of your PowerPoint or Keynote decks depends on how well they were translated into Chinese. Say you want to present plans to potential clients in China or collaborate with […]

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