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China Digital Marketing Trends (2022)

When it comes to digital marketing, China is always one of the most exciting and lucrative markets to explore. With a population of over 1.4 billion and strong economic growth, businesses of all sizes have plenty of opportunities to succeed in the digital landscape. This article will look at some of the most important digital […]

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3 Important Points for a Successful Recording of Chinese Voice-Over

Recording of Chinese Voice-Over – Did you know that how you say things in Chinese can significantly affect how they’re understood? Just like in English, the pronunciation and intonation of words in Chinese can change their meaning entirely. If you run a business, you may have already begun to dip your toes in the water […]

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Promoting App in China – What You Need to Know

Promoting App in China? With more than 950 million smart phone users, China represents an un-ignorable market for mobile app developers, and one that is certainly the most lucrative and biggest in the world. Whether you are developing a gaming app, an educational app, an app for ecommerce or any other smart phone app – […]

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Biggest Challenges Businesses Face when Expanding into China

Expanding into China: It’s no secret that China has evolved to become USA’s biggest rival in the business sector. It attracts businessmen and entrepreneurs alike, but at times scares them away given all the challenges it has to present to them. But then again, business was never not challenging: you’ll always have to deal with […]

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Important Differences Between Baidu SEO and Google SEO

It’s easy to say that Baidu is China’s Google, but it’s also dismissive and completely ignorant. Launched in 2000, Baidu has soared continuously to become China’s biggest and most popular internet search engine—and it’s a completely different kettle of fish compared to Google. Baidu SEO and Google SEO: A Different Kettle of Fish China-exclusive, Baidu […]

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