Ideas for Voiceover to Have Your Video Go Viral

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A voiceover is an important element of a video – it can be the make or break deal. From Morgan Freeman’s charismatic voice in the documentary ‘March of the Penguins’ to the famous voiceover artist Don LaFontaine, we hear voiceovers in videos all around us. Not only do they inform the audience, they are also a great way to keep them engaged. If your voiceover is good, your video has a better chance of going viral. Here are some ideas:

The Script Has to Be Top-Notch

Although visuals and execution are very important, what you say matters a lot. It is your script that will give life to your video. It is always a good idea to sit and brainstorm ideas for content. The script has to be both engaging and gripping.

Keep It Short and Simple

Continuing from the point made above, the voiceover in your video should be short and simple. With such massive amounts of videos on the web, your viewers want to see (and hear) something that’s simple and easy to understand. Whether it is a travel guide or a scientific explanatory video, make sure you have kept the voiceover short and interesting.

Be Funny

Depending on the type of video, you can be funny with your voiceover. From starting with a witty remark to using a childish tone, there are many ways you can make the audience laugh. However, make sure it does not cross the line or offend someone.

Be Energetic

Remember how Robin Williams infused energy in Aladdin’s Genie? The veteran’s voiceover was so amazing that it took the Disney film to a whole new level. Make sure your voiceover is not boring. You can experiment with different voice tones and modulations and see what style best fits your content.

Have a Trustworthy Voice

When making a video that represents your business, being trustworthy is very important. For instance, if you are making a video for a foreign country’s audience, it is essential that you hire a native speaker. Delivering content in proper grammar and accent will help you build trust.

Sometimes, Staying Silent is Better

If your voiceover is not complementing your video, it might not be a good idea to use one. Moving images and text can, sometimes, better convey the point. However, again, make sure you keep things sweet and simple. We at Limpid Translations are a team of digital marketing experts. Our company helps brands market their products more effectively in China. From English to Chinese translation service to Mandarin Chinese voiceover, we have just the right talent to make your videos go viral in China.
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