5 Steps To Successfully Open A Baidu PPC Account

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According to latest reports, China has over 800 million netizens (internet users) using a number of search engines and Baidu has been one of the most popular search engine sites used since its launch in the year 2000.

With more than RMB 23.6 billion in revenue earned in 2016, it’s predicted that Baidu will continue to grow in the coming years.

The key drivers to its success include the increase in monetization per customer and the launch of the latest version of mobile Baidu that enhances customer experience.

Similar to the Google Adwords account, Baidu PPC account effectively increases brand visibility and presence on the search engine.

If you’re a foreign company looking to launch your brand in the Chinese market, it’s imperative to make use of search engine advertising to capture a wide audience.

Here is a step-by-step process to open a Baidu Pay-per-click (PPC) account.

Step 1: Get Your Chinese Website Ready

While Baidu PPC and Google Adwords have similar functions, Baidu account isn’t as easy to set up as its western counterpart.

The first step is to translate your Western website into Mandarin Chinese. As you’re targeting Chinese customers, the use of local language is preferred to attract more customers.

While Baidu ads work for English websites as well, it isn’t recommended as the target audience won’t be able to understand the content.

A relevant Chinese website that keeps in mind the culture, traditions, and customs of China appeals to local customers and guarantees a successful launch.

Step 2: Identify Your Location And Contact The Regional Baidu Reseller

As the Baidu PPC webpage suggests, only local clients and resellers have the authority to make a PPC account and handle business advertising.

Foreign businesses need to hire the services of regional resellers to fill out the application form and follow the process to launch web ads.

The reseller will ask for the website and company information to verify the validity and authenticity of the business and follow up with additional information.

Step 3: Submit Supporting Documents

Additional information and documents are required to begin the legal process and evaluation.

These documents include a copy of the business registration certificate which must include company name, number and the signature of the official registration authority.

A scanned passport copy of the company CEO along with the business bank account statement is necessary as well.

Other industry-specific documents will be mentioned by the resellers!

Step 4: Make A Down Payment

When all the information and documents are verified and accepted, the next step is to make a down payment for PPC ad spends.

Only an international wire transfer to the reseller is acceptable. US dollars are preferred for a secure transfer to the local bank account.

Step 5: Activate Your Baidu PPC Account

Once the payment has been processed, PPC account name and password will be given to you after 3-5 working days.

Don’t forget to change your password after logging in the first time. Make sure you understand the political-cultural aspects of China and run ads leveraging Baidu PPC tools.

Baidu Advertising for Global Businesses

It’s imperative that foreign businesses make use of Baidu search engine services to rank first in the direct customer traffic through PPC campaigns.

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