Tips for China Localized Websites

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China Localized websites aren’t only about simply translating a certain web page into another language. China Localized websites often make the mistake of simply translating content in Chinese. However, it’s much more than that; translation imparts meaning to the content, and makes it relevant to the cultural context of the end user. Chinese Translation is just one of the aspects of an effective multi-lingual website. What goes into making one, from a commercial standpoint is far more different and comprehensive. Making your website localization efforts successful requires proper, documented planning with precise execution. Online Marketing in China

Familiarize Yourself with Your Target Market

Without knowing the specifics of your target market, localization efforts might be rendered ineffective or useless. Even if you translate your site into over 100 global languages, they would not derive the desired result. Categorically tracing down where most of your web traffic comes from is a great way of analyzing the characteristics dominating your target market. Google Analytics maybe of great help in this regard. However, in China you may need to acquire software localization services or Chinese Translation services to serve your purpose.

The Sensitivity of Cultural Context

Without thorough research and homework, expanding your company’s operations into an unknown territory is not a wise option. An integral part of how well you perform and the extent to which you achieve your business goals is website localization. It is an important business decision and should be taken in partnership with local agencies. LIMPID also helps you gain a better understanding of consumer intelligence and ensure that local standards are adhered to, when designing a product. The core cultural values of the audience ultimately determine their buying behavior.

Ensures Seamless Content Management

Website translation services always help to boost website traffic. However, in order to make sure that the translated version is consistent with the original version is equally important. Hence, reassessing your website for potential loopholes is very important. Automating processes like content awareness, content detection and content management helps facilitate the website localization process. Quality content needs to be streamlined with the core business values to protect it from contextual confusions and translation bloopers. Embrace website localization with LIMPID and give your business a global reach. Taking your product universal by offering your website in different languages can do wonders for your ROI. We believe that when done right, localization can yield very profitable results. Besides that we offer web data mining services, Chinese voice over and Chinese mobile marketing. Get in touch with us and avail 10% off on translation service for new members. Interested in Multi-lingual website translation? Click here for more information.

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