The Dos and Don’ts of Digital Marketing in China

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The Chinese consumer base is known to be one of the strongest and largest in the world. With a projected spending power of $6.4 billion by 2025, it’s one of the most lucrative markets for investors and entrepreneurs!

To be a part of this market and profit of the digital marketing boom it’s experiencing, your first step should be to develop a strategy. A marketing strategy deals with the distinctions between demographics and divides its audience into different segments.

Here are some of the dos and don’ts of making it big in the digital space in China:

Focus on E-commerce and M-commerce

According to research by PwC, 75% of Chinese consumers buy their goods and services at least once a week online. This stat is much higher than the rest of the world. The reason for this boom is easy access to smartphones and a culture that’s very attached to social media.

Thus, one of the ways to enjoy more sales is to invest heavily in social media and other online mediums.

Don’t underestimate feedback

Before making any purchases, consumers often look for reviews and feedback about a particular product or service. Bad reviews about your company can make you lose out on valuable customers.

Make sure your company does all in its power to keep customers happy. Compensation should be given if a customer’s experience is less than ideal. Such strategies can improve your sales and keep customers coming back too.

Keep their tastes and preferences in mind

Localizing your marketing message is an important strategy to incorporate into your campaign. Your marketing campaign needs to be adapted to local consumers’ preference. What graphics you use, the content you come up with, the products you offer, and the medium that delivers all of these are of immense importance. Local consumers will be more willing to buy products when they see that they’re in their language, currency, and unit of measure.

Keep track of consumers’ buying preferences too. If the Chinese market has switched to western brands, there must be a reason for that. Most often, the reason that Chinese consumers switch is the lack of a particular product in the local market.  To become successful, Chinese companies will have to keep a track of spending patterns and offer products and services customers want.

Don’t neglect Chinese holidays

Chinese consumers love to shop. At all times their malls are full and e-commerce stores have to regularly stock up on items. Certain times of the year are more popular for shopping like the Chinese New Year when individuals buy meaningful gifts for their friends and family. Single’s Day is another such holiday when shopping is celebrated, it is known to be similar to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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