Getting Creative With Your Chinese Website Design

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A website is not just a portfolio highlighting your company’s credentials. It’s a platform where potential clients and employees can learn more about your brand, what you do, and why should hire your services.

A well-designed company can make or break your brand’s image. You want to be able to attract the attention of your visitors and make them realize why your company is better than your competitors. A well-designed website is not limited to fancy visuals made with Adobe Photoshop.

It’s the use of clever marketing strategies and creative content to leave a lasting impression on your visitors. Here are a few creative ideas you can implement into your Chinese website’s design:

Video Greetings

Hiring a translation service, create a nice video that viewers first see when they visit your website. The video should be short, around 30 seconds, and should be in Chinese. This will help your viewers understand why they should continue and what lies ahead.

Chinese Website Design

Chinese Website Design : Offer Alternate Versions of the Site

Provide your website in both English and Chinese. This will help close the cultural gap between you and your clients. Chinese viewers will be able to visit your Chinese site and your customers around the world can visit your English version of the website.

Both these versions will help your clients in the long-run.

A Burst of Colors

Create your splash page in gray. When your clients click the ‘enter’ button, let the homepage explode with colors. Make sure the colors are solid or pastels, nothing over-the-top.

Start a Blog

Is there a way you can make things easier for your customers and potential clients? Start a blog! Let them know there are different ways to do things, and provide them guidelines. Review different products in China, both old and new. Start a vlog talking about different marketing trends and products in China.

A vlog is also an excellent way to interact and communicate with your customers and clients. You can talk to them and address concerns, and get to record your experience with the Chinese market.

Create a Live Chat

Let your customers talk to you and your team, and address their concerns. Getting live feedback will help you understand your clients and customers better. This will also give you an idea of what consumers expect from your brand.

Hiring a translation service can help you develop an excellent Chinese website that can cater to both potential clients and customers.

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