How Live Streaming Helps Increase Sales During Pandemic

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If you want to increase your sales in this global pandemic, live streaming should be part of your China digital marketing strategy. Although many global companies experience losses, the internet has its own way of helping businesses bounce back.

Enter live stream selling.

Live streaming isn’t a novel concept among Chinese netizens. As of March 2020, there are 850 million internet users in China that have watched online videos. But during the pandemic, it has been one of the most effective tools to sell online.

In this article, you will learn more about live streaming, its role in online business, and tips on how to get started with video marketing.

Officials turned to live stream to save the local brands

To revive the economy of Hubei, the senior officials in the province turned themselves into online streaming celebrities. The officials and their colleagues endorsed local brands through live streaming, and even Wuhan deputy mayor Mr. Li joined in the campaign.

To their surprise, the first day of the live streaming sales across the province reached $2.5 million. Furthermore, 300,000 items were sold in nine hours, including Mr. Li’s favorite noodles.

What’s the takeaway? Live streaming is effective when you work with influential people. If you plan to step up your live streaming activities, collaborate with the right people with connections.

Beauty vlogging and live streaming with Douyin

For women who use Douyin and are into beauty products, Lipstick Brother No 1 is definitely a familiar nickname. As a beauty vlogger, the 27 years old Li Jiaqi uses Douyin to promote and sell cosmetics. What’s more, he has 40 million followers on his account.

He conducts live streaming sales sessions and could sell 15,000 lipsticks in just five minutes. His secret? He tested the lipsticks on his lips and not using his hand or arm.

What’s the takeaway? For cosmetics, beauty, and retail sectors, Douyin is the best way to host live selling. Brands can hire a model or work with an influencer that has a huge following to promote and sell products.

Real estate live stream selling and virtual technology

Real estate is one of the growing sectors that turned to live streaming to boost sales. Usually, buyers and sellers meet physically to complete the transactions. But this time, technology has transformed the way sales agents do business.

For example, Evergrande, one of the leading real estate firms in China, developed an app called Hengfangtong. With 3 million registered users, there were 68,019 units of flats sold in just six days since its launch on Feb 13. The app features virtual technology and contract signing for buyers.

Sales agents are also using Douyin to sell the properties via live stream for instant virtual tours. More than 5,000 property sales agents and consultants use Taobao Live for its live-streaming rooms to make deals with buyers.

What’s the takeaway? Live streaming is shaping the way companies and customers make transactions. Real estate deals require face-to-face communication and on-site inspection of properties. However, live streaming has been useful in expediting buying and selling during these critical times.

Agricultural products on live streaming

Last but not least, the agricultural sector is into the live streaming of a variety of products. Farmers in rural areas were desperate to find other channels to dispose of their products, especially during the lockdown.

eCommerce giants like and Alibaba’s Taobao launched rural initiatives through live stream platforms where farmers could set up their own merchant online stores. From flowers to fruits and vegetables, farmers and producers, creatively used live-streaming platforms, including Douyin not just for exposure but also for sales.

According to Taobao’s data, the participants in emerging cities that have reached almost 2,000 in numbers now generate a monthly income of roughly $1,400 — eight times the average income in rural areas.

What’s the takeaway? Live streaming isn’t just for retail or cosmetic sectors. People are more likely to do online transactions as short videos become alternative channels for promotions and sales.

How to start your online video marketing in China?

Now that you know how businesses do it, it’s time to take action. So, how can you start on video online marketing? Do the following for now:

  • Choose the right live streaming platform — Douyin is one of the most popular short video apps in China, but there are other options like the live stream features on and Taobao
  • Research more about your target audience — check your competitors’ activities and what they do to engage with the audience. Find out where your potential prospects often hang out online.
  • Work with an online marketing company for support — it’s best to work with a company that can help you start and optimize your plans. Doing the work by yourself in competitive markets like China requires a learning curve.

We hope this article sheds light on how you can use live streaming and other short video apps to increase your sales.

Let us know how we can help you with your digital marketing activities.