Online Marketing in China – The Solutions We Offer!

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Online Marketing in China  and other related services: With immense population and exciting new business opportunities, China is one country with massive potential. As a country that doesn’t use popular social media websites, such as Google and Facebook, China still has a vibrant and energetic social media landscape.

According to,  the number of internet users in China reached a whopping 903 million by March  2020. If you are looking to expand your business in China, you need to have a comprehensive and thorough internet marketing strategy. Here are some of LIMPID’s digital marketing solutions for the Chinese market:

China Web Design and Online Marketing in China

Your website is the pillar upon which all your digital marketing efforts will rest upon. Not only does it have to be pleasant and appealing, it should also be attuned with the culture of the place. Every culture has its distinct aesthetic tastes and preferable visual elements and China is no different. Our Chinese web designers, with their incredible knowledge of the Chinese culture, localize colors, symbols and text to be in line with the target audience. Moreover, a Chinese content management system is also provided to cater to varied needs of the client.

Software Localization

In China, there are massive consumers of software technology and digital products. If you are a foreign company looking to make your mark in China, you will have to localize your software products according to the Chinese culture. We at LIMPID have a team of software engineers who use sophisticated tools for achieving good Graphic User Interface (GUI) for the Chinese audience. Our team also contains certified Chinese translators who can localize the software’s content in both culturally and linguistically correct manner.

Copywriting Services in China

Although China prefers Baidu as the preferred search engine, content still remains king. From translating and localizing content to creating relevant and original copy, our team of copywriters do it all. With exceptional storytelling skills, they know exactly how to engage the Chinese audience.

Localization of Mobile Applications

Being the world’s largest mobile market, China is nothing short of the Promised Land for app developers and publishers. With complete understanding of UI/UX elements and distribution expertise in the Chinese app stores, we at LIMPID offer comprehensive mobile app localization services. Our Chinese translators and localization experts make your apps culturally relevant.    

Online Marketing in China  and other related services

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