Is Sina Weibo Alive? What You Should Know About It This 2022

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Is Sina Weibo alive in China? Let’s find out. If you’re following Chinese social media marketing trends, it’s no doubt that short video apps are gaining more attention from users and brands. Whether it’s Douyin or Kuaishou, there’s always something to look forward to as foreign brands try their best to reach out to their target audience through these channels.

On top of that, when it comes to messaging and almost any tasks on mobile, WeChat remains the number one and widely used among Chinese netizens. It’s still unbeatable, and Tencent, its parent company, ensures that it’s also up to date with short video features aside from the eCommerce, payments, and messaging options. So, what’s happening with Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter version?


What Is Sina Weibo and What Does It Do?

Sina Weibo is a social media platform that operates similarly to Twitter. Users can post short updates or “tweets” about their lives and share them with other users on the site. It also includes features like groups and forums, which allow users to communicate with each other on specific topics.

Additionally, this is one of China’s oldest social media platforms that allows users to follow other users and see their updates in their newsfeed. This makes it easy for users to keep up with friends and colleagues and find new content that interests them. This is the best platform for users to share their ideas and opinions – and of course, anything and everything under the sun.

How Did Sina Weibo Become So Popular in the First Place, and Why Is It Losing Traction Now

For starters, it was one of the first social media platforms in China. When it launched in 2009, there were no other major social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. Sina Weibo quickly gained a large following because it was new and innovative.

Another reason why Sina Weibo became popular because it allows users to share more than just text-based messages. Unlike Twitter, which only allows users to share 140-character messages, Sina Weibo users can share pictures, videos, and articles, making it more engaging and enjoyable for users.

However, Sina Weibo is now losing traction. In recent years, newer social media platforms like WeChat, Douyin, and Kuaishou have become very popular in China. These platforms offer more rich- media features and are more user-friendly than Sina Weibo. As a result, many users are switching to these newer platforms, causing Sina Weibo’s user base to decline.

Where is Sina Weibo in 2022?

Sina Weibo is still available, and Chinese netizens still use it to share their ideas and whatever they like on the internet. Key Opinion Leaders in different industries are still using it to influence their followers and fans on brand preferences, products, and services.

Furthermore, political posts and pop culture are also rampant on the platform; thus, some Weibo posts are deleted, and other trending contents are unavailable due to regulations. Sina Weibo was fined in December 2021 for publishing illegal information. That’s why the platform actively cleans up posts that could get them in trouble. Chinese regulators are more active than ever in monitoring content online.

Fans of the Beijing games have also expressed their love for their favorite athletes. So, there’s no doubt that Chinese netizens still love this old micro-blogging site. It’s just that every year, trending topics and content keep getting better and (more controversial) more exposed to western ideas.

As of this time of writing, there are more than 500 million active users on Weibo. So, is Sina Weibo dead? Not really! Half a billion users are still using it.

Should Brands Still Use Sina Weibo?

The jury is still out on whether or not brands should be using Sina Weibo. While there are some advantages to using the platform, there are also some significant disadvantages that brands need to consider before deciding whether or not to use it. As of this time of writing, more brands and consumers are geared towards using short video apps rather than ‘tweeting’ what’s on their minds.

If most of the target audience is flocking to Sina Weibo, then, by all means, it’s best to use this platform to start engaging with fans and followers. However, when it comes to the number of users, WeChat and Douyin are still topping the charts and getting more traction from consumers and brands.


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