Web Design Trends In China

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China has one of the largest e-commerce markets in the world with over 800 million internet users recorded in 2018.

The latest data published by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) compels businesses in China to update their websites and e-commerce platforms to attract millions of untapped customers.

One of the ways to keep up with e-commerce trends and ensure customer satisfaction is to design a compelling website.

Western companies looking to market their products in China must be prepared for their launch in a new market with different cultural and traditional perceptions.

Here are the top Web designs trends in China that businesses need to follow for a successful launch in the Chinese market.

Minimalistic Design

As of 2018, many popular websites have gone through a minimalist makeover. A Nielson Norman Group study concluded that Chinese customers are different than western customers and prefer an information-oriented website with simple Web design.

While the design is simple and straightforward, the average Chinese consumer isn’t satisfied without hyperlinks, previews, and descriptions about products and services. It’s imperative to provide related information to instill customer confidence.

Enhanced User Experience

The websites should be easy to navigate with multiple drop-down menus and direct links to shorter Web pages.

Local Chinese customers prefer multiple levels of navigation with horizontal structures that are easier to read in the local language.

If you’re an international foreign brand looking to launch in the Chinese market, redesign your website rather than replicating the one intended for the Western audience.

Hire an expert translator for copywriting services. Going for automated translations doesn’t guarantee grammatical accuracy or cultural sensitivity.

Mobile-Only Design

As 95% of Chinese users access the internet via mobile devices, it’s advised to use a mobile-only strategy instead of the popular mobile-first.

Focus your attention solely on improving the mobile experience of consumers by designing websites that enhance their mobile navigation.


With the popular WeChat social media surpassing 1 billion monthly active users, it’s to the benefit of businesses that they make an official WeChat account.

QR codes are easy to scan and can be used to make quick online payments with WeChat apps and mini-programs. It’s an important marketing tool used to attract customers and promote brands products and services.

Web Design For Entertainment

The enterntainmentalization of Chinese websites is such that all social networking sites must work to enhance customer experience.

Websites like RENREN and QZONE must be equipped with quick games and quizzes that allow consumers to connect with their friends and gain points for gifts and discount incentives.

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