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With Limpid, you get to work with a professional Chinese marketing and advertising company that covers all bases!

We help you enter and dominate the Chinese internet ecosystem quickly, while also getting your services and products prominently featured on Baidu, the local equivalent of Google. Our extensive services include: web search, pay-per-click advertising, web mapping, news search, image search, video search, question-and-answer, web analytics and web-based wiki writing.

We understand that SEO matters when you are catering to a market of billions of Chinese speaking people. Our search engine marketing, Chinese mobile marketing and web data mining services come complete with powerful Chinese content solutions that ensure better localization of your branding,

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China online marketing

China’s online population offers enormous opportunities to foreign companies. Global companies allocate a huge amount of money on online advertising to amplify their online promotions to more than 800 million users. China market advertising has grown to 9.1% in 2019 where digital ads on mobile accounts for 31%.

How can you capitalize on this opportunity? Let LIMPID’s online marketing experts who know the nooks and crannies of China Internet do the job for you.

  • Chinese SEO services
  • Chinese Search Engine Marketing (PPC Campaign)
  • Baidu PPC Campaign
  • China Content Marketing
  • Web Data Mining
  • Mobile marketing (WeChat marketing) and many more.