Baidu PPC

Target Your Chinese Audience Effectively with Baidu PPC Advertising

Work with certified Baidu Advertising specialists and make the most of your budget in your PPC campaign. Our team of Baidu PPC specialists and experts at LIMPID can create and manage Baidu PPC account to ensure that the phrases and keywords your Chinese audience uses or may search will match the campaigns.

LIMPID has more than a decade of experience in handling digital marketing projects, particularly Baidu PPC campaigns of overseas clients who are serious in increasing their sales and growth in Mainland China. Even if you’re not here in China, you can start driving your audience to your landing page or website at affordable costs. That’s the power of the internet.


Google is not available in China. One of the most effective ways to build your online presence through pay-per-click ads is signing up and creating an account on Baidu, China’s homegrown equivalent of Google.

The process requires the assistance of resellers and registered Baidu specialists, so better work with LIMPID who’s already been handling PPC campaigns for many years.

Baidu’s revenue comes from mobile app with 77 percent as of this writing, since most Chinese users are connected via smartphones.

As the number 1 search engine in China, it controlled 76 percent of the market share and had reached 705 million internet users by the end of 2015. There are 148 million daily app users of the Baidu app.


If you want to invest in Baidu PPC campaigns and get the most of your budget, work with the LIMPID team who has more than ten years of experience in pay-per-click and campaign management. Some of the members have been working for Baidu, so they already know what works and doesn’t work.

The native Chinese PPC experts are knowledgeable on language and market, including the standard PPC management process especially for overseas companies.


FAST WEB TRAFFIC – While organic searches and Chinese SEO works, if you want to get things done and gain more exposure, paid pay-per-click ads are the surest way to get you quality traffic to your Chinese website or Chinese landing page.

EASY ROI – With your account registered, you get to track your spending and compute how much the return of investment you get from your campaigns. You may want to launch both organic and Baidu PPC campaigns simultaneously for easy leads and inquiries.


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