Web Designing China : What Do The Colors Of Your Website Say?

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Web Designing China: Not many marketers or website developers focus onto this aspect, but is the perception of colors unanimous across all cultures or do considerable differences exist?

Businesses across the world must pay close attention to the role of the cross-cultural approach in marketing to convey a certain message across, through colors.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of the research in the realm of color theory has been conducted in the west and emphasized on the color perceptions in the west. The fact is that the meaning and conception of these colors are entirely different in the east.

Knowing that color schemes are a fundamental element of the corporate marketing efforts, it is indispensable to comprehend these differences and do some fine-tuning to evoke the desired moods and emotions among the target audiences.

Let’s start out by looking at some basic and common colors:


Red is a strong, powerful color thanks to its wavelength. It is one of those colors that tend to appear nearer than it actually is; hence it grabs the attention of the viewer before any other color does. The western perception of this color is masculine.

It’s more associated with the feelings of love, lust, anger and fear. On the other hand, Chinese people perceive red to be a color of happiness, love and good luck, so it’s wise to make use of red in Chinese websites.


The color Yellow also has a fairly long wavelength and is vitally invigorating. From a psychological perspective, yellow is one of the strongest colors you will come across. It’s not only inspiring, but also known as the color of confidence.

The West perceives this color as a sign of happiness, energy and at times, jealously. Nonetheless, the Chinese market sees yellow as a pure, royal and authoritative color that’s the second most important after red.


Green is definitely one of the most serene and restful colors that can soothe your senses. It is also known as the color of balance, as it falls in the center of the spectrum. The western market conceives green as the color of growth, harmony and often a lack of experience.

On the contrary, the Chinese find the color green to be pure, reliable and positive. Green has been widely used in Chinese web designs and is well-liked across a number of cultures. The marketers also see it as the safest color options in marketing designs.


Blue is definitely one of those soothing colors that reflect intellectuality, communication, coolness and logic. Opposing to red, blue evokes mental reaction, not physical. Known as the color of unambiguous communication, the western people see blue as a mark of trust, dependability and quality.

Close to how Chinese perceive it, blue is seen as a sign of trustworthiness and steadfastness. It is an excellent option if you’re planning to launch health related products in China.

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