How Your Small Businesses can Make it Big in China

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The Chinese economy has been soaring for many years now, which has led to many western organizations wanting to set up there.  China is the second largest consumer market in the world. Its large population possesses immense buying power, since they have both cash and low levels of debt.

What’s more, western brands have been popular in the Chinese market, so it makes sense for them to expand there.

China is also a worthwhile investment for supply chain purposes. Its manufacturing industry is highly sophisticated and they use some of the most advanced technology to improve efficiency manifold.

No doubt, China is an attractive market for expansion; however, there are many factors to keep in mind when aiming to succeed there.

Here are some tips for making it big in the Chinese market:

Prepare long term strategies

In any business situation, you’re trying to win over the trust of consumers and vendors. They must be able to view your business as reliable and not one that’s trying to make a quick buck and then disappear. This issue is even more sensitive in China.

Local consumers and vendors will be inherently skeptical of a new foreign business.  A business planning to expand into the Chinese market will have to work extra hard to send the right signals to consumers and vendors.

Collaborate with businesses that share the same vision and values as your company. Businesses that are serious about joining the Chinese market for the long-term are ideal. This strategy will help demonstrate the will to stay in the market for reasons other than a one-sided profit motive.

Take cultural differences into consideration

While Western holidays are popular all over the world, this doesn’t apply as much to China. Chinese culture is very different. The focus needs to be on the Chinese New Year and Single’s Day; these are big events you need to prepare for.

Certain symbols and colors are important for Chinese people. Red is a popular color since it represents good fortune, white symbolizes purity but is also associated with death.

Such cultural considerations can impact your branding campaign for the country. Localizing of campaigns is a vital strategy for your business expansion plans in China.

Hire local partners

When choosing businesses to collaborate with, opt for a local business. Your company can learn about the country’s business norms via this partnership. It also helps locals see your company as reliable. They won’t be as skeptical about trying out your goods and services too.  A local partner will help you through logistical hurdles as well.

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