When Will China Open Its Borders for Travel and Tourism?

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Pandemic. It’s a word that has been dominating headlines for weeks on end. COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, has wreaked havoc worldwide, leaving businesses and individuals struggling to cope with the fallout. For China, where the outbreak began, things have been challenging since the implementation of the zero COVID policy.

But as conditions improve in other parts of the world and vaccinations have ramped up, many people wonder when travel and tourism will open up again in China? It’s no secret that the country is a powerhouse in business, and Inbound tourism is yet to be feasible, but there are three ways foreigners  (and who) can enter the country. This blog post will list down more details and also what you can do as you do business remotely.

How to Enter China if You’re a Foreigner This 2022?

China still implements a strict travel policy for foreigners coming to China. However, the government recently released a travel advisory as there are three ways foreigners can enter the country.

  • Foreigners with valid Chinese residence permits for personal matters, reunions, and work
  • Foreigners with diplomatic, courtesy, service, or valid C visa
  • Applying for new visas; foreigners with visas for work and emergency humanitarian needs such as visiting a seriously ill family member

Take note of the following visas if you want to visit China:

  • Work Visa (Z) – the best and easiest way to enter China as long as the company provides the work permit and you have a WHO-approved vaccine certificate.
  • Family Reunion (S) – family members of foreigners working in Shanghai must provide a certificate of relationship and WHO-approved vaccine certificate.
  • Business Visa (M) – an invitation letter that your business partner will handle and a WHO-approved vaccine certificate.
  • Family Members (Q) – foreigners with Chinese family members must have documentation to prove the emergency and humanitarian needs (for seriously ill family members or death of a family member). A WHO-approved vaccine certificate is also required.

Will China Open Both Inbound and Outbound Tourism?

The question on many globetrotters’ minds is, “when will China open for inbound tourism?” The answer is: not likely soon.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced that tourist attractions domestically could begin to reopen, provided that they implemented proper safety measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. However, there are no plans to lift restrictions on international travel.

China only allows foreigners with valid visas, as mentioned above, for particular concerns, and as long as they are fully vaccinated with two doses of WHO-approved vaccine brands.

For outbound tourism, some Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Maldives, Cambodia, and Indonesia, to name a few, already allow travelers to visit as long as they are fully vaccinated and bring the requirements such as vaccine certificate, insurance, RT-PCR tests, and more. The United States also allows Chinese passport holders to enter – it’s open to all vaccinated foreigners.

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What Should I Do While Waiting for Chinese Tourists to Travel?

As we all know, the global pandemic has halted international travel. However, there is still some uncertainty about when travel will resume pre-pandemic levels. In the meantime, here are three things you can do to prepare for an influx of Chinese tourists:

Refresh Old Content

One way to prepare for the influx of Chinese tourists is to refresh old content. This includes updating your website and marketing materials to reflect current COVID policies and procedures. You should also ensure that any staff dealing with Chinese guests are familiar with cultural customs and expectations.

If you have social media account targeting Chinese tourists, now is an excellent time to update your content. Post new pictures and videos, and write blog posts about topics that would be of interest to your target audience.

By taking these steps, you can show potential customers that you are a business that is both competent and culturally sensitive.

Translation of the Website

If your website is not already available in Chinese, now is a good time to invest in translation services. This will make it easier for potential customers to find your business and learn about what you have to offer. Once your website is updated, promote it on Chinese social media platforms such as WeChat and Weibo.

You may also create targeted marketing materials. Since Chinese travelers are often more interested in different aspects of travel than other nationalities, developing marketing materials specifically tailored to their interests is essential. For example, you might want to highlight the unique features of your destination that would appeal to Chinese travelers, such as its historical significance or beautiful scenery. You can also include information about any special events or activities that will be taking place during their visit.

Learn More About the Tourism Industry

Take some time to read up on the latest trends in Chinese tourism. This will help you better understand the needs and preferences of your target market and ensure that you can provide an enjoyable and memorable experience for your guests.

As we all know, the COVID pandemic has had a devastating effect on the travel industry. Chinese tourists, in particular, have been reluctant to travel internationally since the outbreak began. However, travel businesses can do some things to prepare for when Chinese tourism resumes. Here are a few pointers:

Learn more about the tourism industry: This is an essential first step. To attract Chinese tourists, you need to understand what they’re looking for in a destination. What kind of attractions are they interested in? What type of accommodation do they prefer? What is their budget? The more you know about the Chinese tourism market, the better positioned you’ll be to attract visitors.

Once you better understand the Chinese tourism market, you can start developing a marketing strategy. How will you reach potential customers? What kind of message will you use? What kind of deals or discounts can you offer? An effective marketing strategy will make it much easier to attract Chinese tourists when travel restrictions are lifted.

Final Thoughts

Conclusion paragraph: The opening of inbound and outbound tourism will bring more opportunities for foreigners who want to enter China.

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