Website for China Market: What You Need to Consider?

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Website for China Market: When you want to establish an international brand, creating a website for international audiences is a priority.

Those who have previously created a Chinese website understand focusing on the likes and dislikes of the Chinese market is crucial to survival and success.

And when it comes to creating a WordPress market, you need to be extra careful. Stated below are 3 vital things you must do to create a WordPress website for the Chinese Market:

Download and Install Page-Specific Menu

When creating a Chinese website, you may prefer to make it dual, English and Chinese. This allows people who don’t speak Chinese to access the website. However, it is inconvenient to create a double language menu for a bilingual website. That is because WordPress doesn’t provide a basic way of separating the Chinese menu items (for Chinese users) from the English menu items (for English users).

Nonetheless, there is nothing to worry about. Page Specific Menu is basically a free plugin which can be integrated to WordPress websites to let you manually choose menu items for every web page.

Website for China Market : Select a Hong-Kong Web-Hosting Service

When it comes to creating a Chinese website, there’s a lot more than merely building one. You need to have a hosting service for your website on a Hong Kong based server. Utilizing a web hosting service located outside China can make your website sluggish—thanks to the Great Firewall of China.

Why Hong-Kong based server? Since only registered businesses in China can host on China mainland server, the solution for non-chinese registered companies and foreign companies is to host on a server which physically located near China, and Hong Kong is the best solution in terms of service, cost and location.

Get the Website Registered With Baidu

One of the most crucial steps to make your website accessible to the Chinese market is getting it registered on Baidu.

Baidu is the leading search engine utilized by Chinese internet users, not Google. Why not Google? A few years ago, Google refused to provide the Chinese government access to confidential data of its citizens who utilized their platform.

Consequently, the Chinese government made Google practically unattainable inside China—unless of course, you are utilizing a VPN or Google Hong Kong (which runs slow in China). Hence, Baidu is the only option in China. Fortunately, registering your website with Baidu is not a complicated process.

Turning websites local to global will surely be easy with these three tips. Turn to our professional web design and software localization services to smoothly transition your business in China.