5 Reasons Why You Need Human Translation Service

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Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) is one of the finest inventions in the world; there is no doubt about that. They are very handy when it comes to providing vague explanations about short passages and phrases. However, they don’t cut it when it comes to professional correspondence or communicating with customers in a different country.

Computers are designed to make the tasks of humans easier, not to make them obsolete altogether. Therefore, no matter how smart technology becomes, the job of human translators will never become redundant.

Here are a few reasons why businesses need to hire human translators:

Translations Can’t Be Done Word For Word

Every linguist in the world would agree that translations can be done without first understanding the context. A single word can be used for multiple meanings.

There are hundreds of words in the English dictionary that have extensive usage. Take the word ‘run’ for example. People run around a track, run companies, run faucets, and if they don’t let the paint on their wall, the color runs. If the context of the sentence is taken out, the simple translating of run won’t make any sense when translated.

This is why much of the communication is lost in translation when it is done with automation.

Humans Understand Culture

There is hardly a machine that would understand the cultural significance of a word or phrase. It is very important for businesses to connect with their customers on a one to one level, by localizing their products and marketing communications.

Therefore, businesses for should not just rely on automated translations of their website, mobile apps or marketing campaigns. They have to go beyond that to make their brand more appealing to the customers.

A translated website is no match for the dynamism and excitement that a localized websites brings to the table. It speaks to them in a language; tone and cultural taste that they best understand and connect to.

Machines are hardly aware of the cultural norms or the cultural taboos to incorporate that into the marketing communication and make it culturally accurate.

Humans Know What it meant to be conveyed

Humans have a sense of judgment and the ability to make educated guess. This is why they can translate anything by keeping in mind what the company is trying to convey.

Cultural and language blunders are far too common when businesses fail to understand the language or the significance of a particular word.

Humans are experts in particular fields

Regardless of the field, expert translation services could be hired pertaining to it and have language translation accordingly. There are various types of translations that a business may require, which include but are not limited to legal documents, business cards, pamphlets, marketing campaign, websites and so on.

All that is required is providing a brief to the translator and the expert translator will do the translations accordingly.

Humans could prove to be cost-effective

While automated translations often come free of cost, manual translations are still cost-effective when it comes to considering the number of things that could go wrong with automated alternatives. There is nothing worse for a business than backtracking on a million-dollar marketing campaign, or losing a multi-million client. Having a human translator from the start will save the business lots of money, as well as embarrassment.

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