What Do Your Chinese Customers Want?

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The landscape of the Chinese consumer market has changed immensely in the last few decades. Once heavily inclined toward fashion and technology, it’s now shifted to a more diverse range of products. Consumers these days are looking for everyday household items like beauty care, personal care, food, and more from international brands.

This demand shift was driven in large part by the rise of online shopping and the availability of foreign products in the online marketplace. This has created a fast-paced market for international e-commerce trade in the country.

What Do Your Chinese Customers Want?

China’s increasing consumer trend index—which is already one of the highest in the world—shows that there are many opportunities for selling products to Chinese consumers, but of course, there are some products that are in higher demand than others.

The types of products that are really high in demand are clothing, shoes, jewelry, makeup, and beauty accessories. Baby accessories, maternity wear, and sporting goods are also very popular in the Chinese market.

In light of increased health awareness, consumers are also looking at food items, including vitamins, fresh produces, juices, packaged healthy foods, and snacks. And owing to increasing health concerns over local Chinese seafood, US seafood is also in-demand.

It’s important to understand that competition in these markets is extremely high. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand the market and advertise your brand effectively in order to grab the attention of the consumers.

What Do Chinese Customers REALLY Want?

You must acknowledge and understand that Chinese consumers are driven by the fundamentals of their society. They want to protect their status and appreciate stability. They want to ensure that their economic and social interests remain protected.

History has shown that Chinese consumers always successfully manage to preserve their core values and stick to their origins.

Therefore, it’s important to advertise and market your brand in a way that appeals to the Chinese market and doesn’t threaten their values. One smart way to do this is making your company more culture-friendly.

Perhaps you can create a Chinese variant of your website and use Mandarin voiceovers in your TV-ads to connect with the audience. This will communicate that you appreciate their culture and values, and translate (no pun intended) in higher revenues.

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