Why Hire Limpid To Manage Your Baidu PPC Advertising Campaign

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For Search Engine Marketing, running a PPC campaign is the quickest way to rank your website higher in the leading search engines in China such as Baidu, Yahoo! China, Google and various others.

Without a doubt, Baidu is the largest Chinese website and the most frequently used search engine. It is a China based search engine that serves 800 million Chinese users and is ranked as the second largest search engine after Google.

Limpid internet and PPC service in China has been managing search keyword campaigns in Chinese for years now. If you want to effectively advertise your business on the Chinese web, then registering for our services is the way to go.

Our cost-effective packages will provide your business with exposure to millions of Chinese users and will quickly establish a significant customer base on the Chinese web.

Importance of Baidu PPC Campaign

It is imperative that you develop a complete understanding of how Baidu works, if you want to successfully run a business in the Chinese market.

The trend of paid marketing is picking pace rather quickly around the world and so is the case with Baidu and the Chinese web. One of the best ways to make your way into it is by running a PPC campaign on Baidu.

So if you’re thinking of launching an advertising campaign, you must opt for the Pay Per Click services in China of a reliable internet company that can design a well thought-out strategy so that you can successfully move into this mushrooming market.

How Limpid Carries Out Chinese PPC Campaign

With Google and other search engines, advertising keywords seems easy – all one has to do is to open an account on the search engine, input best yet least competitive keywords and bid the click prices – that’s about it.

But things are different to some degree in the case of Chinese search engines. Beyond the interface of Chinese websites, posting advertisements on local search engines requires a blend of knowledge and experience.

Limpid carries out the process of PPC advertisement on the Chinese web in two phases:

Phase #1: Thorough Keyword Study

For launching a Chinese keyword search campaign, Limpid professionals do a lot of keyword research and a thorough study of the business. During this, click prices are also considered while keeping the campaign budget in mind. After that, a Mandarin advertising copy is crafted and the PPC campaign is initiated on the Chinese web.

Phase #2: Continuous Optimization

The only way for a PPC campaign to succeed is continuous optimization. At Limpid, we manage and monitor the campaign round the clock and incorporate different strategies to yield the best possible results.

Our methodology has been proved very effective and we have managed to successfully accomplish top rankings on popular Chinese search engines within a time frame of months and were able to maintain the rankings as well.


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