Web Design No-Nos – Mistakes to Avoid

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Web design has become one of the most important elements of a digital marketing strategy. Not only does it allow you to make a favorable impression in the eyes of your visitors, it is also a major ranking factor for search engines.

We at LIMPID have outlined some common red flags in web design that your website must avoid at all costs.

Snail-Pace Website Loading

Although it is good to have a few JavaScript animations and fancy gimmicks on your website, they must not affect its performance. This is because users of today have become impatient. They might not even wait for your website to load and move on to your competitor’s more simplified website.

Make sure you are treating usability as a part of design. In fact, online users tend to think that a website’s speed is a major indicator of its performance.

Web Design


Having many pictures and too much of text is not a good idea when designing a website. You do not want visitors to use too much of their brain power just to figure out what you do. The content should be hierarchical, organized and focused.

Divide the content of your website and give some breathing space. Your goal should always be to simplify the visitor’s job.

Only PC-Specific

In recent years, users have started using Internet on their smartphones and tablets.

This means that your website design should be responsive, that is, it must function equally well across all the digital devices.

WordPress now offers a wide range of themes and plugins that can be optimized for mobile devices.

Huge, Uninterrupted Chunks of Text

You must understand that websites are not guides or books. Online visitors just scan the content to see if it contains what they require and move on. This is the reason that your text should be divided in parts. Not only will it make the website look good, it will also be easy to read.

Make sure you use appropriate fonts, font sizes and colors, depending on the theme of your overall design. Also, use images and other media elements strategically.

It Must Not Have an Uninteresting Call to Action

The goal of any website is to bring about some action. This is the ultimate purpose of all your web design efforts. Make sure your call to action is prominent. Moreover, it should have something that should stir the visitor’s curiosity.

With a complete understanding of the crucial web design elements and modern trends, we at LIMPID offer web design services for the Chinese market. Over the years, our online marketing services have helped many clients prosper in China.