Baidu vs. Google – Why Baidu Has the Competitive Advantage

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Baidu vs. Google: While Google continues to serve in the capacity of an undisputed global market leader, Baidu, Inc has topped the game in China with a major 82% of the online search queries of the nation under it.

Google China, a sister concern of Google, operating in China lags behind with a meager 10% market share.

Google and Baidu are comparable in the sense that they operate in the same domains of web services but their existence is quite different.

According to Investopedia, both of the search engines are listed on NASDAQ.

While Baidu concentrates its services primarily on the Chinese market, Google is a global entity that continues to penetrate through geographical boundaries.

Baidu Vs. Google

Baidu Vs. Google: Key Differences between the two

  • The state government in China has imposed certain rules and regulations by which Baidu abides. Hence, it remains as a Chinese loyal company entirely compliant with the local censorship. While Google also operates in China, its presence is very limited as Google had major conflicts of opinions with the Chinese authorities.
  • Baidu has managed to acquire the competitive edge in the Chinese market by customizing its approaching to the needs and preferences of the local people. It claims to have a better understanding of the Chinese language and culture leveraging that advantage to give value-added services to Chinese customers.
  • Baidu’s search algorithms have been tuned to place relevance to the social context in which the words are used in the content. The Chinese language is one of the most complicated ones and Baidu knows the Chinese language that Chinese speak. Words in the Chinese language are represented by multiple characters each having different meanings in their own contexts.

Baidu vs. Google: Google has struggled all this while to customize their approach both as a business and technology to serve the Chinese market

  • Baidu has had an intelligent approach towards the Chinese market and has gone one step ahead by being in close association with the local market. This helps them track the behavior of consumers at a micro-level. Also known as web data mining, this feature of Baidu helped it carry out psychoanalysis of consumer trends and the tools which revealed what the Chinese consumers want in a search engine.

While Google refused to budge and also lagged behind in being able to promote services such as online videos and bulletin boards even.

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