5 Benefits of Having a Chinese Profile on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn, the popular social networking site for professionals from the west has officially arrived in China with a localized beta version of its platform last week of February.

It is the only major American social networking brand that has a significant growing presence in China and is available for everyone.

LinkedIn’s presence is getting bigger. The company adopted a localized name called, 领英 pronounced as “ling ying.”

With over 259 millions of members worldwide (as of 2013), entrepreneurs and professionals are maximizing the platform to connect, communicate and promote products and services—solely for businesses purposes.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter and Google, which are not available. LinkedIn has stealthily accumulated four million members in China—and now operating under the direction of Derek Shen, LinkedIn China’s president.

Mr. Shen wrote in a blog post, “Our mission is to connect the world’s professionals and create greater economic opportunity—and this is a significant step towards achieving that goal.”

Such a significant step implies that entrepreneurs and professionals who are operating in China or plan to enter the Chinese market can take advantage of LinkedIn’s move. If you haven’t set up your Chinese profile, you might miss the following benefits:

1. Access more Chinese talents

With a Chinese profile, you can easily access Chinese skills, making it easier for your recruitment process. As mentioned earlier, LinkedIn is the only US-based social networking site that has amassed four million members, which means Chinese users who use the platform before its localized version can read English and have a basic understanding of the universal language.

We cannot generally say that they are fluently proficient, but with knowledge of English skills means they are educated and possess skills.

2. Connect with Chinese partners and venture capitalists

Open the doors for more connections with new partners and venture capitalists. If you plan to set up a business, a Chinese profile will make it easier for you to get connected with partners and business people within your industry.

3. Building relationships with current Chinese connections

Now that you have established connections on a global scale, you can build rock-solid relationships with your current Chinese associations and pursue more long-term commitments for projects.

4. Learning the culture and language

Learning the culture and style of writing will be helpful to communicate well with clients and partners. While other entrepreneurs will hire a translator to save them the time for learning, it’s still best to learn the basics.

The Chinese language is poetic and rich in nature that once you get to know how to create your profile and understand the language, you will understand more of your market.

5. Professional image

You’re serious about the business – creating a Chinese profile means you’re showing that you’re serious about Chinese business. It will be easier for other local users to search you and your company, leaving a professional image for the brand.

What’s more, you get to use your account and embed it with your personal, localized website into Chinese.