How to Save Time and Money on English to Chinese Content Writing Services

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Is your content appealing to the Chinese audience? 

Your English writers may have the best ideas when it comes to marketing slogans. But if you’re going to take your online marketing efforts to the next level, you need to read this post. 

Three types of Chinese content will elevate your marketing efforts. 

Blogging in Chinese is ideal if you’re planning to put a WeChat blog to promote your brand.

Copywriting is ideal if you’re going to spend more time in ads, social media channels, and banners. You may also opt for general writing services that include a translation service. Such projects often include English documents for verifying facts, translation, and proofreading. 

If you need Chinese content for your website, banners, and documents, here are the tips on how to save time and money. 

English to Chinese content writing services

#1 Decide first which Chinese writing style to use

If your target audience is in Mainland China, consider using Simplified Chinese. Know the differences between Simplified vs. Traditional and where they are commonly used. 

It will help the digital marketing agency to find the best Chinese writers fit for your needs. The characters in Simplified Chinese are different from the Traditional one. 

And it’s best to be aware of the differences in details. Simplified Chinese is the typical writing style in the Mainland. Unless your target audience is in Hong Kong or Taiwan, you will choose otherwise. 

#2 Provide a glossary or list of terminologies for context

Do you want to know the secret to save more time? Then, do this. Provide a glossary or list of terminologies in your industry. 

We all know that each industry has its terms and phrases. And even if your English writers have the best writing ideas, it’s not the same as when writing in Chinese. 

Most of the experienced Chinese writers will also have translation skills. But they also understand the culture and how your customers think. 

If they’re well versed in English, then it’ll be an advantage for you, too. Glossary will help writers and translators understand the nature and contexts.

#3 Find writers that can mimic the style and voice for your brand 

Not everyone can mimic the writing style of your brand. Each Chinese writers have their way of writing texts to express ideas. So, if you think you’ll be heavily invested in content in Chinese, ask for the rates, samples, and a paid test article. 

You don’t want to fall into the trap of working with Chinese writers who charges cheaper than the rest. Remember, cheap doesn’t mean you get a great deal. You have to find Chinese writers who have reasonable rates and at the same time, talented. 

Work and ask for prices for long-term work so that you’d be able to save more costs instead of the fixed rate. 

Working with Chinese writers who already know your brand’s style and voice is an edge. They can quickly whip content that suits your target audience. Why? Because they understand your business, goals, and vision. 

Do you want to jumpstart your writing tasks? Need copywriting materials in Chinese? Need to translate those blogs in English to Chinese but also want to add a little bit of relevant and engaging writing style? Let us know how LIMPID can help you with content writing services in Chinese. The perfect team of Chinese writers can increase your productivity as you expand your business.