5 Traits to Look for Before Working With an Online Marketing Agency in China

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You’re wondering how in the world you are going to start your online marketing efforts in China.

You know you can’t simply overlook the world’s second-largest economy these days. Regardless of which industry you’re in or perhaps you would like to explore China’s digital marketing landscape, here’s a guide for you.

You may have the budget and set a plan or strategies for your next project in China, but the right team will unlock endless opportunities for both short-term and long-term goals.

The right team will work with honesty and integrity in managing your budget, requirements, and deadlines. Make sure you vet your potential online marketing agencies with the following:

online marketing agency in china

#1 Clarity and Responsiveness When Communicating

Gauge the responsiveness of the team with your first contact with the support team or project manager. Does the team respond within 24 hours? Whether via email, chat or phone call, you need to find a team who speaks your native language such as English.

It’ll also help you avoid misunderstanding and miscommunication when you provide your requirements or project overview. Clarity also includes which medium to use to respond to you during the briefing and even as the project starts.

Great teams often ask questions and clarify your instructions or requirements further.

#2 Structured Project Management Workflow

Consider the tools they use in their project management system and also the structure of the workflow. Do they have a process on pre-briefing and during the launch of your campaigns? Such an organized and systematic workflow will also help you track your progress with your digital marketing efforts in China.

For each phase of your campaign, there must be a specific timeline and the deliverables for each stage. If you’re working on social media marketing campaigns, also consider how they’re going to communicate with you the progress of the work.

Can the online marketing agency resolve the gap between your in-house team and their team to make sure you’re all on the same page?

#3 Knowledgeable in China Markets

They are knowledgeable of the digital landscape in China and have a strong track record in helping clients build their online presence. Consider the years of experience in China markets and ask for previous projects they have worked with in related industries.

Launching digital marketing campaigns requires not just efforts, but also the team must embrace localize strategies that will help you engage with your target audience. They should also have the right tools they need to increase your brand’s exposure to local social media channels and websites.

#4 Understanding of the Cultural Differences

Here’s a non-negotiable trait to look at before signing that contract. The online marketing agency must have an understanding of cultural differences when launching marketing campaigns and advertisements.

No matter how good the concept is, if your agency doesn’t know the cultural nuisances and traditions of Chinese consumers, they could offend them with insensitive remarks or concepts of storyboards that can affect your brand.

#5 Prioritizes Accountability on KPIs and Objectives

They provide you with the necessary data to validate the budget and efforts to match your expectations. Great teams and agencies know that accountability matters to their team and also to you as a client.

They are transparent enough to provide the KPIs and ensures the objectives are met. If things don’t work out, they are honest to show the reasons behind these setbacks and will provide alternate options and solutions to hit your target still.

*** Shared Principles and Passion

Last but not least, find an online marketing agency that shares the same principles and passion as yours. For long-term efforts, you would want to work with a team that goes beyond the talent and abilities, but also treat you like a partner in business and willing to go the extra mile with add-on services.