Chinese Digital Marketing Trends in 2019!

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The New Year is well underway and the predicted digital marketing trends for 2019 are clearly taking shape. The world of web marketing is rapidly developing as every year passes by, so digital marketers must constantly adapt to the changing tune of the ever-evolving trends.

China ranks second in the Global Revenue Ranking in the digital marketing world, with a market spending of USD 57,898 million. While some of the digital marketing trends of the Chinese marketing world have remained the same as last year’s many have changed and developed for the better.

With constant advancements in data collection and technology, digital marketing has become more precise. Therefore, to keep in tune with the consumer base, the digital marketers of China must upgrade from the traditional tools of marketing.

Here are a few trends that are shaping China’s marketing world.

Content Marketing

As always, content marketing has fast been on the rise in China. While it’s not a new trend; nevertheless, its importance cannot be stressed enough. Streamlining all channels of communication, content marketing is a powerful tool. Developing content that truly resonates with your audience is still one of the best ways of taking your business forward. So a well-planned and executed content strategy should be the cornerstone of all businesses.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Recent years have seen a swift rise in artificial intelligence in the digital marketing world. Enhancing the user experience using technology, augmented or virtual reality has become big in China for attracting consumers and improving the overall customer experience. In fact, China is a global leader when it comes to artificial intelligence.

Video Content

Video content has been on the top of digital marketing strategies for some years now and it continues to progress further.

Dominating the marketing scene, China actually has the largest number of online video viewers worldwide. However, the audience has started to show more interest in behind-the-scenes and live videos rather than standard product videos.

Social Media Platforms and Digital Convenience

Social media platforms have become one of the best ways to connect with your consumer base. With diversified content, social media apps such as WeChat help businesses run an effective campaign and effectively promote themselves. Consumers are also using social media platforms to buy products and services. So you must optimize your channels accordingly for digital convenience.

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