How Can Chinese Voice-Overs Add Value to Your Online Marketing Efforts?

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Do you want to “spice-up” your marketing materials? Look no further. Find out how Chinese voice-overs can add value to your online efforts.

Wherever your target customers are, whatever they do, as long as you have concrete and creative multimedia materials, you can capitalize on the voice-overs to make them alive and engaging.

There are creative ways to use voice-overs or dubbing in Mandarin or Cantonese. But of course, you need to consider the location of your audience and the common language they speak.

chines voice-overs

In this post, you will know four ways on how voice-overs add meaningful value to your efforts.

#1 It SpursYour Audience’s Imagination

If you’re publishing podcasts online, voice-over or dubbing is one of the best ways to spur the imagination of your audience. The quest in finding the right voice-over talent who speaks fluent Mandarin or Cantonese is quite challenging without proper guidance.

The style of the voice and tone should also match the identity you want to portray to your listeners. (e.g., a female voice-over is ideal if you’re selling e-learning services related to women or if the audience is dominantly female)

If you pair this with a promotional video or graphics, you’ll be able to establish a connection with your female Chinese audience effectively.

Here’s a sample of how Mandarin voice-over made this Perseus and Andromeda became alive to viewers.

#2 It Humanizes Your Brand

Who’s who behind your company? Your audience is curious about your brand and who is in your team. Integrating a Mandarin voice-over into your company’s video humanizes your brand.

If you’re targeting investors in China and would like to share your vision with them, this is the best time to use voice-over if you want to publish a promotional video. How about a pitch of your founder or CEO dubbed in Mandarin, sharing your company’s goals and values?

It could even be just a spiel or 15-sec video of your upcoming service or product. What’s important is to communicate using the native language.

Here’s a sample of how Mandarin voice-over can humanize your brand.

#3 It Offers Clarity of Your Message

You don’t have to “hard-sell” when it comes to commercial videos. Mandarin voice-over (with the right professional voice talent to match the video or story) lessens your efforts to do more or write more.

Stories sell. If your script that was clearly translated in Chinese and then spoken by a right talent with an engaging voice, it will likely connect to your audience or listeners’ hearts.

The tone of the voice-over talent matters on videos. You can also ask the agency or vendor to provide you with voicebanks for samples. You can choose the personality and tone you want to portray.

Here’s a sample of how Mandarin voice-over can offer clarity to your message.

#4 It Builds Credibility and Authority

Did you know that 1.197 billion are native Chinese speakers? The Chinese language is the world’s most spoken language. If you want to build credibility and authority of your brand to these people, voice-overs should be part of your localization strategy.

For example, if you’re a winery company and would like to share your products with Chinese wine lovers, you can publish an educational video with Mandarin voice-over (since this is the most popular and widely-used in Mainland), on how you harvest your crops and the process itself.

With a voice-over included in that video, you can build credibility and authority as an expert in your field.

So, what do you think of these pointers above? Have you ever considered adding Chinese voice-overs to your videos? Let us know, and we can help you create a multimedia localization strategy for your marketing efforts.