Chinese Voiceover: Turn China Audiences into Customers

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Video marketing has become one of the most effective forms of marketing in the world and in China. The simple fact is that video is now everyone’s preferred platform for receiving marketing material. Because they know that the video will inform and entertain them at the same time. And they will not have to read any lengthy explainer article to learn about the company’s products or services. They can simply watch a video and learn everything worth knowing in just a few minutes.

Localization of Videos

One of the biggest advantages of creating marketing videos is that their inherent versatility and adaptability. With some modification, marketing videos can be used to popularize a brand around the world.

Localization of videos is how you can reuse some your marketing or explainer videos around the world. And the most important element in video localization is the voiceover.

Advantages of Localized Voiceovers

What makes videos so impactful? They make an impression on the audiences because they engage multiple senses and offer information in a clear and concise manner. A big part of that are voiceovers or narrations.

When you launch your business in any foreign market, like China, you need to translate all your marketing material into the native language to make a better impression, and have a professional Chinese voiceover.

Ease of Communication

The biggest advantage of having translated voiceovers is that it can ease the communication of your message to the audience. With a professional localized voiceover, you can deliver your message seamlessly with the combination of the visuals and native voiceover.

The local voiceover artist will know the tone and pace the voiceover should have for making the maximum impact on the audience.

Retention of Message

Voiceovers have been proven to help people better retain the information they receive from videos. The visuals and voiceover in the video both work together to reinforce the message.

What the audience is watching on the screen should be explained via the voiceover. In a foreign market that voiceover needs to be in the local language, so the message is more comprehensible for the audiences.

More Professional

Localized voiceovers in videos help build your company’s professional image in the foreign market. The local population is first introduced to your brand through your advertising material.

By translating the messages into local languages, you are giving your marketing material a more complete professional look in their eyes, and localized voiceovers are no exception.

Turn Audiences into Customers

Voiceovers are often used to call the audiences to action. When you have a localized voiceover in your video, you can add call-to-action phrases to boost the sales of your business.

Some people use the robotic or digital voices as translated voiceovers in their video. Don’t take this easy way out, it makes a bad impression on the audience and damages your company’s reputation. Translation voiceover services are not all that expensive.

Using a native voiceover artist will include a human element in your videos, something the audience will relate to.

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