China E-mail marketing: Design Elements to Take Into Consideration

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China E-mail marketing continues to be one of the most competent ways of spreading your message and enhancing brand awareness. Thanks to its low cost and direct wide reach, email campaign can be an influential tool if utilized and administered appropriately.

If some conservative approximations are to go by, there are more than 300 million active email accounts in China—excluding corporate emails. And when it comes to creating an email for Chinese EDM campaign, keep several rules in mind.

Here are crucial design elements of an email template in China:


One of the finest, eye-catching email designs incorporates an image at the top. Needless to say, it’s the primary and most evident part of an email. Hence, it must always fulfill a purpose. In most cases, you can go for your brand’s logo to strengthen your identity.

According to a host of marketing studies, images that have people tend to be the most effective ones. It is crucial to think about the kind of message your image conveys and whether or not it serves the intended purpose.  

China E-mail marketing

Moreover, one essential technical aspect to be mindful is setting an elaborative ALT tag to the image within the HTML template (in case the picture fails to load for any reason). Moreover, given the fact that users mostly access emails via smartphones, it’s imperative for the header picture to be visible and adjustable.


Generally, headlines are inserted just above or below the header picture. Moreover, it must be short and to-the-point with least number of words possible. Luckily, since Chinese language lets you cover more meanings in smaller words, it is relatively easier to do so in Chinese than English.

Moreover, the headline copy need not be descriptive. Nonetheless, it must be engaging and intriguing. In a nutshell, the headline copy must serve the purpose of a ‘hook’, persuading readers to read the content.  

When writing promotional emails, headlines are crucial. Therefore, it is a good idea to run several headline adaptations by native Chinese speakers to collect necessary feedback prior to settling with the final version.  

China E-mail marketing:

Commonly referred to as CTA, Call to Action is the next most vital aspect to consider after the headline. Since it needs to be outstanding, CTAs are usually created as buttons.

According to research, red and orange buttons draw maximum number of clicks. Even though they complement the overall design, don’t go overboard.

Usually, the best email designs make use of smart imagery that would channel attention to CTA subconsciously.  

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