4 Simple Actions that Will Increase Your China Online Sales

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Have you ever considered what it would mean for your business to increase its online China sales? We all know that the internet is the new frontier for marketing and sales. With more than 1 billion people online, China has one of the world’s most dynamic digital economies. The country also boasts a burgeoning middle class with spending power to match their appetite for cutting-edge foreign products and services. If you’re a business owner who relies on China for your sales, these 4 simple actions will help grow your online China sales.

Placing QR Codes in Strategic Areas of the Website

Many online retailers mistakenly believe that a QR code is only relevant for brick and mortar stores. The truth is that a QR code online can be just as effective at driving online sales as one that’s placed on a physical store. Putting it on a strategic area of your website can affect the conversion rates on a positive note. It’s a way to encourage them to take action, whether it’s to direct them to a special offer, buy a product, visit an online store, or follow a social media account.

If your QR code is too small, users will miss it. Make sure that the size is prominent, but it shouldn’t take up more space than necessary. You risk reducing the amount of traffic going to your site. Furthermore, content also plays a massive role in getting users to scan your code. You need to provide them with some value or incentive before they bother. It could be information about new products, special offers, competitions, free downloads and the like. Something worth their while, otherwise there is no reason for them even to consider scanning it.

Adding Automated Chatbot in Chinese

An automated chatbot is a computer program that mimics conversation through auditory or textual methods. Many chatbots are designed for specific purposes, whether for customer service, entertainment, marketing, personal finance, etc. The developers who create them use algorithms and artificial intelligence to communicate very well to a visitor or user. Furthermore, automated chatbots are also helpful on discussion boards where moderators may not keep up with the conversation all the time.

A chatbot system in Chinese is helpful for customer service, allowing consumers to get all the information and answers they need about a product or service as soon as possible. Some bots, on the other hand, provide information inside game apps and social media platforms. Others are designed to assist customers shopping online—the sky’s the limit for what they can accomplish and where they can go in your company.

Tell Your Story in a Video (And Add it On the Homepage)

Companies looking to share their story with the world will often do so by way of a video, and they’re doing more than ever before. Video is critical to engaging buyers and helps in creating organic search engine traffic to the website. That’s why you must produce a well-done video as part of their marketing strategy, and it should be translated into Chinese.
There are many ways for companies to tell their stories through videos—it could be straightforward or creatively done—but there needs to be one thing: authenticity. Authentic messaging means staying true to the brand and what it stands for. It also shows that a company is not trying too hard or pretending to be something they are not. A video should also be timely—a time where the company’s story fits into current events. It should also be relevant to the hearts and minds of the target audience, whether they are baby boomers, millennials, or Gen Z.

Show Your China Business Experience With Photos and Texts

When people visit your China business website, they want to KNOW about you. They want to know WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU DO. In other words, they’re looking for a friendly introduction from you. And what better way to show that you’re the real deal than by showing them pictures of your business activities, products, and services.

Don’t hesitate to show who’s behind the scene or the team itself, so visitors know the company’s team culture and synergy. You may also use social proofing through testimonials of your previous clients. Another way is to publish case studies about the products or services you offer and indicate how they have solved your customers’ pain points.

China Online Sales: Final Thoughts

It’s time to take your China business marketing strategy to the next level. We know that you have a lot on your plate with product development, customer service, and more. That’s why we are always here for you when coming up with creative ways of getting in front of new customers or converting existing ones into lifetime brand ambassadors. Which one do you think you should do first?

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