Things to Consider When Developing Mobile Apps for China Market

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The mobile martket around the world is on the rise and with new technologies and innovations coming to the fore everyday, it doesn’t seem like the rising trend is going to loose its steam any time soon.

The Chinese mobile market has exploded in recent times. With mobile phones becoming cheaper and cheaper everyday, it is becoming something that people cannot function without.

If you are thinging of wading into the Chinese market with the introduction of an app, then its not really a bad idea. However, when developing the app, make sure to consider these things first.

Mobile Apps China

Want More Users? The Focus on Android

The Chinese people are not really that fond of iOS. That is not to say that iOS is shunned completely. But compartively, it doesn’t seem to be a very popular choice. If you want to infiltrate the Chinese market by having a lot of users for your app, then you might want to focus all your efforts on Android first. Seven out of ten mobile devices in China are Android. This way, your app will be exposed to a larger audience. But be sure to keep the mobile compatibility issue in mind. There are literrally thousnds of types of Android devices in China. Creating an app that will be compatible with all might prove to be a huge issue.  

Don’t Underestimnate the Power of Promotion

Believe it or not, the toughest hurdle you will have to pass is attracting the attention of your target market. Becaue in China, this task is going to be monumental. Different app stores have different submission processes. Make sure that your app adheres to all the requirments.  Social media doesn’t work the same in China as it does in your country. China has its own search engines and vastly different social media sites. You must underastand their basics and how to promote you app in the best possible way.

Mobile Apps China: Take Localization Very Seriously

You have to take Chinese content localization very seriously. Just translating the basics is not going to work. For example, if you are developing a gaming app, then you might want to add local things from China in it. You need to give people something to relate to. Focus on personalizing the app without letting it over shadow its main function. 

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