WeChat Marketing 2020 – 5 Key Features You Should Know

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WeChat dominates the digital marketing landscape in China. It remains as one of the most important platforms because it can run simple to complex services and apps within its ecosystem. Brands can’t overlook the features and its updates because of the host of features it offers.

For foreign brands like you, it’s also recommended to keep up with the features and trends. In this way, it’ll help you map strategies for your Chinese audience. WeChat Marketing isn’t the same as Facebook or Instagram marketing.

We hope that this post will be an eye-opener of what you can do as a brand this 2020.

#1 Video feed shows up in the “Discover” menu as “Moments

Short videos are shaping the way users consume content online. Of course, when it comes to short videos, Douyin is on top of the list.

Tencent’s answer to Douyin and Tiktok comes with the introduction of the short videos.

This feature allows users to upload short videos and photos to WeChat Moments. Moments, (akin to Facebook news feed), is where users share content, visible to their friends.

#2 Scan items to buy online

This feature is beneficial for consumers. But this is also something that retailers can keep in view. If you’re a retailer, you might find this scan-to-buy helpful for your business. That is, it depends on Tencent’s search results when shoppers scan a product.


For consumers, they can scan an item offline, and if they want to buy it, WeChat shows products and options. It’s an add-on feature of the scan-to-translate.

The plus sign in the upper right corner shows the “Scan” options. Scroll down, and you’ll find the option “Item.” Use the camera and aim at the object you wish to scan and buy.

#3 Group Note option available on WeChat Group

With a ton of information seen on WeChat Group, you can now create a list or the Group Note. How can this be useful for brands and service providers? If you’re running a language school, you can pin information so the members can follow and view it anytime.

Using the Group Note is ideal for a sign-up list and streamline the process. When members are added to the list, they can also click the “View Group Note.”

Inside the group chat, you can type #接龙” (jiēlóng, list). You will see the “Group note.” You can then edit the title or just create a draft or example first before you begin the list.

#4 Article Paywalls for content publishers

For content publishers, the Paywalls are great news! That is if you have an official account as a business. You can now have this option to Paywall your content. Think of its as a paid blog. You can only access and read the complete information if you spend or opt-in to pay for it.

The Paywall comes with a pop-up price where users should pay first via WeChatPay. But the caveat is that it’s only available for Android users. iPhone users must go through Apple’s service to access the content.

#5 Related content available for users

Now is the best time to invest in high-quality WeChat articles. Why? Users can see related content below the comment section after reading the article.

In a nutshell, WeChat suggests related article to read. If you’re capitalizing on WeChat content marketing, this could be an option for you.

Your takeaway

So, what do you think of these key features? Which among the mentioned above is useful for your digital marketing campaigns and activities? Let us know how our team can help you with WeChat marketing.


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