SEO and the Chinese Market: A How-To Guide

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Are you interested in SEO for Chinese Market? With a recorded 903 million Internet users, the world’s most populous country has a digital landscape that is quite fascinating. While Google is the major search engine in most countries of the world, it is not quite popular in China. This is partly because of the blocking mechanisms of the Great Firewall in China. SEO Chinese Market

SEO for Chinese Market: Baidu – The Leader in Chinese Search

This Chinese local search engine was founded by Robin Li and Eric Xu in 2000. Although the search engine employs quite a few features from Google, it is quite unique in many ways. One reason that the local search engine has dominated the Chinese market is that it understands and analyzes Chinese text more effectively and provides better, more relevant results. Following on Google’s footsteps, Baidu also offers a variety of tech-related solutions, including translations, maps, and video platforms among others. Here are some ways you can carry out effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on Baidu:

Adapt the Content According to Relevant Keywords

When entering the Chinese digital landscape, it would be a good idea to carry out some research on the keywords that your target market normally uses. These keywords in Chinese will have to be optimized, so that you get results. Make sure that the content is not just translated in Chinese, but is also well-adapted to the search patterns of the Chinese. Also, it should be engaging and original.

Make the Website Localized

When ranking websites, Baidu gives priority to those that have a Chinese (cn) domain. Localizing every page of your website is quite important as it ensures that the website runs smoothly. To make this possible, you will have to find a Chinese hosting company.

Explore the Search Engine Advertising (SEA) Landscape

From PPC (Pay Per Click) banner advertisements to paid advertising links, exploring SEA can prove to be an incredible initial approach. This will move you directly on the top of Baidu’s ranking and hence, improve your chances of getting quality clicks. It can be a useful entry approach that will play a crucial role in bringing traffic to your website.

Use the Chinese Social Media to Your Advantage

Although the Chinese cannot use Facebook and other internationally popular social media websites due to strict censorship laws, it does not mean that they do not have their own networking platforms. Make sure you have formed an engaging social media marketing campaign for social media websites, such as Sina Weibo and Sogu. With a team of SEO experts specializing in the Chinese digital landscape, we at LIMPID offer comprehensive digital marketing services. From Chinese PPC services to Chinese Search Engine Marketing, we have got all kinds of online solutions.
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