How To Make the Best Out of Online Chinese Interpretation Services

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Online Chinese Interpretation: When doing business in China, it is essential to communicate with your counterparts effectively. While English is widely spoken in business circles, Mandarin is the language of choice for most official communications. This can pose a challenge for foreigners doing business in China and Chinese developers working on international projects.

Fortunately, there are now many online interpretation services that can help bridge the language gap. Using these services, you can ensure that you accurately communicate your message and understand what is being said to you. This blog post will explore how to make the best use of online Chinese interpretation services. We will cover topics such as choosing the right service provider, preparing for interpretation sessions, and making the most of the services.

#1 Use an Excellent Internet Connection on Virtual Meetings

The quality of your internet connection is crucial when using online Chinese interpretation. To have a good meeting experience, make sure that you use a stable and fast internet connection. This will ensure that the interpreter’s voice is clear and has a minimal lag time. In addition, a good internet connection will also allow you to see the interpreter’s facial expressions and body language, which can help you understand the conversation better.

So, if you have a virtual meeting with your Chinese counterparts, you, your team, and your interpreter must invest in a stable internet connection. You can always check your internet speed in advance using Speedtest before starting the meeting. If your interpreter is based in Mainland and is using a VPN (Virtual Private Network), don’t forget to check the speed settings because VPNs can also affect the speed depending on the server locations.

#2 Conduct Advance Briefing and Sharing of Information

If you are having a virtual meeting, it is helpful to have all the documents you will be reviewing readily beforehand. This way, you can quickly send them to the interpreter and avoid unnecessary interruptions. Share the information about your company, your intention in China, and the purpose of the online meeting.

If you’re working with a team of translators, better coordinate all the necessary documents and have your materials even weeks before the date of the meeting so that the interpreter will also have more time to review your company. Furthermore, you can also provide additional information about your Chinese counterparts for character profiling. This will also help the interpreter communicate effectively when equipped with all the information, from the least to greatest of importance.

#3 Translate Materials Based on the Appropriate Chinese Language

As we all know, China has two written forms: Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. While Traditional Chinese is primarily used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau, Simplified Chinese is officially used in Mainland China. Ensure that you translate all your documents and materials according to your target audience.

For these reasons, if your counterparts are in Mainland China, it is generally recommended that you focus on translating Simplified Chinese. On top of that, make sure you use appropriate images, headlines, and write-ups if you have PowerPoint Presentation on hand during the meeting. Refrain from using politically-sensitive pictures and always ask your native translators to fact-check and run through the materials before you and your interpreter start the session.

Online Chinese Interpretation: Final Thoughts

When meeting with Chinese clients or counterparts, it is crucial to have a stable internet connection, ensuring that interpretation goes smoothly without any glitches. For both parties to get the most out of the meeting, advance briefing and sharing of materials should be done before commencement.

Last but not least, always translate materials based on the appropriate level of Chinese language so as not to confuse anyone during the meeting! If you would like help with your next virtual meeting involving China, please do not hesitate to reach out to LIMPID’s team of experts. We would be more than happy to assist you in making sure your next meeting runs flawlessly!

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