How Can Chinese Language Translation Services Add Value to Your Growing Business?

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You see the opportunities in China. Now what?

You might be thinking how on earth are you able to connect with non-English speakers about your brand.

Now we ask you. Do you see the value of language solutions in your business? Can you see the importance of translation and localization? Language is the currency between you and your customers, whether they’re Japanese, Taiwanese, or American.

Are you planning to get serious with your Chinese customers? It’s the best time to explore Chinese language translation services. Your customers have unique values and perspectives towards the world.

And as a non-Chinese, consider how you’re going to market your products where you can be relatable. Where you can be engaging and fun, and most of all, sincere and not pushy.

translation services in Chinese

Knowing what your customers want

There are 1.3 billion Chinese people scattered all over the world. Different demands and preferences also yield to massive consumption of products and services. Majority of the population are getting wealthier and even more educated than ever. 

They spend money overseas for travel and leisure. They are also willing to pay for high-quality products and services. As of this writing, they like to spend on high-quality products and services from:

Australia, New Zealand, the U.S., the U.K., Canada, and European countries. 

When it comes to online products and services, e-commerce is still king and part of their habits. But they also like consuming e-learning services, games, entertainment, and more.

How to tap the Chinese market online?

The easiest but requires work as well as to jumpstart your conversations online. More than 800 million Chinese internet users are online, and 90% of them use mobile phones. So, the first step is to understand what are the accounts and channels they use. 

WeChat, for example, is one of the most widely used app and communication channel. Do your homework and research on how can WeChat add value to your online marketing efforts. Remember, each industry would have a different approach when it comes to these channels. 

You can also start exploring website translation to generate more traffic. As you know, customers are likely to buy something on a website that shows their native language. 

What type of translation services do you need to focus on your first project?

#1 Chinese copywriting. If you want to focus on social media, you need someone skilled at both translation and transcreation. You need copywriting services that can capture the attention and hearts of your audience.

#2 Translation of documents. If you’re into technical projects, you need a linguist who’s always keen at details. Professional technical translation requires in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, such as mechanical engineering translation, legal translation, and more. 

#3 Chinese writing and transcreation. For advanced marketing such as getting into Chinese SEO and PPC ads, you need someone who can write copies. A better understanding of how Chines search engine works and keywords matter in this process.

What are the positive effects on your business?

#1 Generate traffic to your website. Google is not available in China, but you can work your way around Baidu and other local search engines. When you work with SEO specialists and experts, they can help you get more exposure. So, make sure the texts and content on your website are also translated into Chinese. 

#2 Build brand awareness. It may take a while to be known, but small steps can help you progress once you decided which online activities to focus on. 

#3 Safe way to test the market. You don’t have to put all the eggs in one basket. If you feel like focusing on translation rather than online marketing, you can always test the waters to see how you’re doing with your short-term goals and activities. 

Do you see how valuable language solutions are for your business? If you’re planning to go deeper into China market and trends, feel free to consult with the team at LIMPID. Learn and know more about language solutions and custom packages that can help boost your online efforts.