4 Cool China Marketing Trends in China 2021

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China Marketing Trends: China has become the heart of technological innovations in Asia, and it remains unstoppable in exploring different technologies. Moreover, these innovations also shaped other sectors such as marketing, eCommerce, retail, and more. Let’s take a look at these four cool marketing trends to inspire brands that when technology merges with marketing, it can spark creativity on campaigns and activities to woo the hearts of consumers.

China Marketing Trends: Drone art for marketing and other performances

Drone art may be part of the future of marketing as it is designed with LED lights attached to create three-dimensional effects. In Shenzhen, there were 5,164 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)s launched into the air to celebrate the centenarian birth of the Communist Party. Thousands of drones illuminated the night sky as they formed 100 and shapes of hammer and sickle. This fantastic drone art was included in the Guinness World Record with the highest number of drones launched, making it one of the most beautiful attractions to brighten the skies.

This is not the first time China used drones for promotions and unique campaigns. In Zhengzhou, a shopping mall organized 200 drones in the night sky. In Tianjin, the city had a UAV show that featured Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting with 600 UAVs illuminating the sky and forming colorful spirals.

3D LED screen on buildings for surreal views

Gone are the days of billboards and static advertisements that you see along the busy streets. In China, 3D LED screens are the next big thing that you can view on tall buildings, giving you real-life effects when watching them. For instance, in Chengdu, a 900 sqm, LianTronics L-shaped, curved video wall has gone viral when it features a Star Trek-like spaceship emerging from the screen.

In Shenzhen, you will see a horizontal 3D LED screen on a tall building with different effects, like an astronaut bouncing and a cabinet with other items. Passers-by were amazed at its glorious surreal view. 3D LED screens are often seen on high-rise buildings in urban areas. The adoption is still in its infancy, but this could be one of the ads that big brands will jump into in the future.

Full blast outdoor ads for next-level advertising

Outdoor advertising consists of traditional ads like billboards, lamp posts, bridges, and along the streets. However, in China, a luxury brand launched its full-blast ads by lighting up the entire building. Moreover, it’s not only one building – there are two buildings involved. Dior nailed it in Chengdu with its innovative, attention-grabbing outdoor ads.

Dior lit up two buildings as it features short-form texts and products. If you’re overlooking the entire city, you can’t miss it, and definitely, you’d be able to get a good shot in aerial and panoramic view. While everything else looks astounding as different lights and colors flash at the city center, some people also think of its sustainability because it can cause light pollution if the ads play all day long.

China Marketing Trends: Vtubers or virtual influencers instead of KOLs

Virtual characters or Vtubers are one of the growing trends in China that help brands promote their products and services. With virtual influencers, which are linked to the growth of BiliBili, they have a vast following and appear on different campaigns and advertisements. One of the famous Vtuber is Luo Tanyi, who appeared on Pizza Hut and KFC campaigns.

She’s only a virtual character, but she has performed in several stadiums in China and has sold-out tickets at her concerts. One of the benefits of working with virtual influencers is that brands lessen the risks of getting involved in scandals and issues since these influencers are not humans, although vtubers are powered by a team of people.

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