3 Benefits of Video Marketing in China

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Today, videos are the most efficient marketing tools in the Chinese market. A few years ago, television used to be the prime medium for video advertising, but today services like YouTube and Youku have drastically changed the video marketing landscape. Now, businesses of any size and budget can create video marketing messages and reach out to millions of users.

According to a study, the online video market size in China jumped to 16.6 billion Yuan in 2014 compared to 12.2 billion in the preceding year. This is mainly due to the growing buzz of marketing trends, such as explainer videos and storytelling in the local market. It has been found that buzz messages are closely monitored by Chinese users who want to stay updated with the latest news.

If you are a business owner with operations in China, have a look at why you should include Video Marketing China advertising in your marketing strategy.

1.     The Growing Number of Internet Userd

According to a study, nearly 450 million Chinese are regular viewers of online videos. This makes up nearly 80 percent of the online population. The study also reveals that the online video audience is expected to rise to around 700 million with the market size climbing to 25.9 billion Yuan by 2016. Moreover, it has been found that the online video industry in China generates most of its revenue from online advertisements that have become the key source of information among online shoppers in the country.

2.     Mobile Usage

Mobile devices have become the primary source of internet access in China. According to a study by iResearch, the number of mobile video audience has increased to 270 million in China, which is 134% higher in comparison to the preceding year. This increase is attributed to the growing popularity of smartphones or phablets.

3.     Growth of E-Commerce

According to the BCG study, China will have the largest e-commerce market by the end of 2015, outdoing the United States. Moreover, Forrester reports that online spending in China will reach $1 trillion by 2019.

Since e-commerce largely relies on online marketing, the Chinese e-commerce industry has been benefiting from the emerging trends of video marketing to a great extent. A study reveals that shoppers who watch video advertisements have 174 percent higher chances of making a purchase. Since Chinese shoppers are quite perceptive when it comes to shopping, they tend to rely on online video content to make a buying decision.

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