5 Free Mobile Translation Apps for Foreign Business People in China

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One of the best ways to maximize your traveling experience while doing business in China is to know the local language and culture. If you’re a foreign businessperson who has a daily itinerary in Mainland China, you may use these five mobile translation apps to help you enrich your Chinese vocabulary.

  1. iTranslate – this app features more than 60 languages, including two Chinese languages such as Simplified and Traditional. When in dire need of a quick translation, type the words or phrases on the content box.

If you’re not sure how to pronounce it, the text to speech feature gives you a clue. It includes dictionary and voice recognition (premium feature).

Download iTranslate via iTunes direct link for free.

  1. Business Chinese Phrases – learn the business language in Chinese by yourself. It’s more comfortable and convenient to use this app since it has categories such as Greetings, Phone Calls, Appointments, Communications, and so forth, teaching you how to pronounce and spell the phrases and words correctly.

It has categorized business Mandarin Chinese sentences and real pronunciation. It’s a great Chinese learning app where you get to hear, read, and learn by yourself.

Download Business Chinese Phrases via iTunes direct link for free.

  1. Chinese English Dictionary Pro – this universal app covers over 170,000 words and phrases of the Chinese language (both in Simplified and Traditional).

It also features sample sentences, audio pronunciation, and spelling suggestions to name a few. It’s an excellent companion for business and leisure trips.

Download English Chinese English Dictionary Pro via iTunes direct link for free.

  1. Learn Chinese – though it is less likely considered as a business app, it generally covers the Chinese language and culture. It provides basic translations of numbers, dates, time, places, directions (phrases and words), colors, animals, and many more.

Download the app via iTunes direct link for free.

  1. Waygo – this app makes your business trip and client meetings fun by merely capturing the words or phrases from those Chinese menus and even signage.

It’s a food and menu translator in Chinese (Mandarin) to English. Just hover your smartphone over the Chinese words and shoot. It’ll translate the menu in English.

It’s an iPhone app, and you can download it via iTunes direct link for free.