Tips to Improve Pay Per Click Advertising Over Baidu

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Pay per click Baidu: If you think that Google reigns supreme in China, as well as the world then you would be wrong. Google is actually banned in China. They have their own popular search engine called Baidu.

‘How popular is Baidu?’ you might ask. The answer is that over 400 million people use Baidu every day. If you wish to advertise over this popular Chinese search engine, then here are a few things you might want to consider first.   

Pay per click Baidu

Pay per click Baidu : Effective Localization

Chinese content localization is the key to achieving success in the Chinese market. Companies have to mold themselves into what is expected of them by the Chinese people. The Chinese market is highly competitive. You have to do things a certain way or they don’t happen at all.

Localization does not begin and end with translation of the content. If you are determined to work in the Chinese market, then you have to study the Chinese culture, traditions, and business practices. You will have to incorporate all of that in your content to make it identifiable for the Chinese people.

If you want your pay-per-click campaign to be successful, then you need to put all your focus on researching the apt keywords and studying your competitors.

Emphasize on Your International Appeal

The main idea is for you to infiltrate the market. Not blend into it completely. Chinese people are already well aware of the local brands. You want to be able to stand out as something new and different then what they are used to. As much as you can, flaunt and emphasize on your international appeal.

You need to build an attractive image of your brand and that image can be that of a non local brand. The entire promotional strategy should be based on this point: You need to respect the local culture and traditions, but don’t lose your identity in the middle of it all.

Don’t Underestimate Baidu

If you thought that setting up an account on Baidu is going to be as simple as “Adwords” on Google then you need to think again. The Chinese search engine Baidu actually outsources this task to a vast network of resellers, and many of them have their own regulations.

You need to provide Baidu with authentic “proof of business” documentation. Your website will not be made accessible if any of the documentation are lacking in one detail or another.

To translate content from English to Chinese and to create effective SEO content for the Chinese market, you can contact us anytime.