Mandarin and Chinese Voiceover: Setting the Tone for Your Business

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An article published in Harvard Business Review states that 72% of internet users prefer surfing websites in their native language. Research has proved time and again that translating websites helps businesses expand their global reach, develop their clientele base and boost revenue.

It is the cornerstone of doing business successfully in a multicultural market. The process is inclusive of language translations, voiceovers along with customizing your website to do justice to international laws of business and government regulations.

With the censorship over internet sources and usage in China, professional Mandarin and Chinese  voiceover speakers help make market penetration smoother.

A Clear, Consistent Brand Message

Translation services help business to develop a consistent brand image across various platforms. Every brand has a personal voice of its own and for it to translate precisely into other languages it is important that this crucial task is done by professionals.

Keeping the meaning and context of the branding and marketing messages intact is central to preserving your brand image on international forums. Website translations help boost online visibility.

Access to More Customers-Personalized Touch

Having the option of translating the content in the desired language on your website can do wonders in driving web traffic and converting them to repeat customers. Common Sense Advisory did a research which showed that 72% of customers around the globe spend their time on sites which provide content in their local language.

What persuades a visitor to stay is the level of personalization that the site offers. Content that is customized keeping local languages and interests in mind tend to be more engaging and interactive. This way business can capitalize on the innumerable opportunities that translation services can provide.

Competitive Advantage

As it is already evident that localization can do wonders for your brand, this is because the more focused the approach the greater is the ROI. Businesses that study the culture of the market they intend to penetrate are less likely to fail in their marketing efforts because they distinguish themselves from their competitors.

Numbers support this claim as Appia’s study show the importance of localized marketing campaigns. 86% of the campaigns that use localized efforts outdid their counterparts, who had campaigns designed in the English language alone.

In order to stay true to your brand message and overcome the language barrier, it is essential that you consider professional website translation services. This will help you target your customers on a more personal level, evoke their emotions and make them feel special by providing product information in their native language.

Mandarin and Chinese Voiceover Services 

Research has shown that a personal element influences purchase decisions. Contact our professional voiceover experts at LIMPID translations to optimize your website for Chinese users now.

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