Why Localization of Luxury Products Can Be Tricky In China

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The thriving of China’s luxury market continues to surprise many. Chinese consumers’ spending on luxury goods currently accounts for one-fourth of the global total, which is gradually pacing and according to analysts, will surpass one-third by the end of 2015.

Acknowledging this, more and more luxury brands from around the world are planning to expand their business in China.

In this scenario, a degree of brand localization can be helpful for most luxury products, but the process can be tricky and daunting. This is because the perception of Chinese luxury market is quite different from that of the West.

Due to large differences in culture and linguistics, localizing branding in Chinese will be the first and foremost challenge the Western luxury brands will have to conquer.

The situation further becomes complicated due to the complexity of the Chinese market. Geographic variation, gender preferences, generational factors, cultural impact, difference in predilection between lower-tier and first-tier cities – all these factors must be taken into consideration.

Only way to incorporate all these factors is to design an intelligent and well-thought-out branding and localization strategy. If the localization process is handled in an inapt manner, the brand quality will suffer and the bottom line can be at risk.

Key Factors of Luxury Brand Marketing in China

The key factor influencing the success of luxury brand localization is the precise and accurate use of target language to ensure that the local audience understands the brand’s notion.

If your luxury product business is U.S. based, then the content must be translated from English into Mandarin Chinese with full cultural and colloquial implications.

Style and traditional values also play a significant role in localizing. Considering these two are paramount when seeking to influence the foreign markets.

Most businesses think that converting text is as simple as using Google Translator for word-to-word translation.

For effective brand promotion on a multinational level, it is essential that textual as well as audio and visual content is translated with the help of a reliable source, along with a complete understanding of linguistics of the Chinese market.

In order to triumph the Chinese territory, a visual and verbal identity and strategy is a must. Not everyone can incorporate Chinese style in a marketing campaign and therefore, services of a professional Chinese translation and localization agency are required.

This is where we come into the scene, as with our extensive experience in localizing brands and businesses, we can make your luxury brand thrive in the Chinese market as well.