What are the Types of Mandarin Voice Overs to Make Your Video Go Viral?

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Customers can recognize your brand with your voice. If you’ve been traveling in the same airline, you’d probably remember the voiceover during take-off and landing.

With that said, engaging with your audience in China can be more effective if you choose the right voiceover talent that reflects your brand personality and resonates with your target audience.

In this article, you’ll learn the types of Mandarin voice overs to use with video translations in Chinese. It will also help you choose the right voiceover talent based on the video content you publish.


Engaging voiceover in Mandarin for promotional videos

An engaging voiceover expresses excitement and authority while maintaining respect for the listener. This type of voiceover is ideal for promotional videos, whether it’s just a snippet, spiel, or an explainer about your product or service.

The voiceover should be lively but shouldn’t be too pushy or preachy when explaining the concepts.

People easily get bored and can scroll through quickly on the feed. Thus the first few seconds are crucial — the goal is to get them to listen and watch until the end.

Mandarin Voice Overs: Authoritative voiceovers for educational videos

Authoritative voiceover blends well with e-learning videos and training materials. It’s powerful, clear, and respectful, so viewers are motivated to listen intently.

The voiceover talent should be highly charismatic. That’s why viewers can’t help but follow through with the video.

If you’re publishing online courses or your company plans to localize corporate training videos, choose this type of voiceover to communicate clearly.

Funny voiceovers for animations and cartoons

As mentioned earlier, your choice of voiceover depends on the video content as well. You can’t always rely on an engaging neither authoritative voiceover when it comes to animations and cartoons. Find a voice-talent that’s funny, childish, and lively to connect with children of varying ages.

For instance, if the character in your video portrays a teen, you can’t use an old, tone-down bass voice. The voice itself brings life to the character; thus, you might need to source a voice-talent experienced in this field.

Think of the Kung Fu Panda movie series — actor Jack Black’s voiceover matches Po’s personality and character. Just imagine if Po’s voiceover is from Tom Cruise. It doesn’t fit what it should portray.

Brand voiceover in Mandarin for explainer videos

Brand voiceover reflects your branding as a whole. This is where you find a native talent that matches your company’s personality, as you will use his or her voice when you publish explainer videos.

Explainer videos can include an introduction about your company, how-to guides, products, or services you’re offering. Choosing the right Mandarin voiceover talent for your explainer videos can be challenging at first.

If your demographics are millennials, female, with an active lifestyle, and high-income earners living in first-tier cities, you’re off to a great start with a female voiceover talent with a soulful yet engaging tone rather than a male voice over talent.

Final Thoughts

Mandarin Voice overs are practically inseparable from videos, so make sure you choose the right native speaker in Mandarin to do the work.

Engaging voiceover talents work well with promotional videos, whereas authoritative tone blends with e-learning and training videos. For animations and explainer videos, consider your target audience’s demographics and personality to help you choose the one that fits your brand.

You may also ask for voiceover samples as you explore opportunities. Let us know how the LIMPID team can help you get started on your projects.

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