Navigating Your Way through the Chinese Digital Market [Part 2]

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In the first of this two-part blog series, we discussed at length the importance of availing mobile marketing services and understanding Chinese social media and search engine tools. We’ll now be taking a look at two more essential trends to follow to succeed in the Chinese digital market.

Target the Right Internet Audience

According to reports from 2017, nearly 58% of ad expenditure was devoted to internet marketing. This was because digital marketing has steadily evolved over the years, and as more internet users emerge, the need to post ads online has grown exponentially.

What this tells us is that in order for you to find your own ground in the Chinese digital marketing landscape; you need to target the right audience. How you communicate your message online and how it’s received by viewers are two different things, and you need to use the different tools available as per their user following.

Social media channels such as Tieba and WeChat, for instance, are good for advertising products. With Baidu, you can use the people targeting feature to reach a more specific audience based on age, gender, and keyword usage.  Know where you’re placing your ad and who’s at the receiving end of it!

Engage in Video Marketing

Email advertisements and marketing campaigns are a thing of the past! In the new digital landscape, it’s all about videos.

Here’s the thing; email marketing just doesn’t work anymore. Nor will your Chinese clientele eagerly install a company-specific app if they have ways of communicating with them through WeChat or TMall. So how can you make your business stand out and engage with the audience?

Through online campaigns focusing on content alone! A great new way to do this is by using videos as your storytelling tool, creating content that’s both visually and verbally stunning. Think about it, would you rather read about a company’s mission and objectives, or hear them speak to you directly via video? Customers want to be personally engaged with a company’s story, and video allows you to do just that.

Running a video campaign, be it a live streaming session or a pre-shot clip, will enable you to captivate the audience, earning you considerably higher clicks and conversions. Individuals are more likely to remember what they saw and heard over what they read, so make sure you’ve got you’re bringing you’re A-game to the table!  

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