Tips on Successful Social Media Marketing in China

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While the rest of the world relies on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to connect with people and businesses, Chinese customers have no accesses to these common international social media platforms.

However, China’s still leading the market for global social media with more than 800 million users connected to different social networks.

If businesses want to succeed in China, they must be ready with a solid social media strategy to attract local customers.

Here are top tips and tricks to keep in mind while designing strategies to ensure successful social media marketing in China.

Make Use Of Different Social Media Platforms

There’s a multitude of local social media platforms in China that businesses can use to market their products and services.

Popular social networking sites like WeChat and Weibo are leading the market with their instant messaging features that allow users to share pictures and videos; connect with people and purchase goods and services.

Other famous social media platforms include QQ, QZONE, RENREN, YOUKU TUDOU (Chinese YouTube), and MEIPAI (Chinese Instagram).

Everything Is Monitored and Censored

The censorship laws in China strictly monitor internet activity and stop people from watching, reading, and sharing news that’s deemed unacceptable by the government.

Popularly termed as the Great Firewall of China, the censorship laws dictate that anybody found speaking against the government or China, will be blocked and their websites taken down.

Businesses need to be aware of the sensitivities surrounding the political climate of China and must hire an expert marketing team to advertise their brands.

Create Authentic And Engaging Content

While it may seem easy to create engaging content that catches the eye of consumers, Chinese customs and traditions are important for creative marketing.

Without paying attention to the cultural sensitivities, businesses can’t succeed in the local market. Chinese customers want to feel connected to the businesses and expect extra effort to welcome new brands.

Consumers Rely On Recommendations

Make use of celebrities and influencers on popular social media sites to market brand products and services.

Chinese consumers rely on recommendations from family, friends and social media personalities. Their purchasing choices are directly influenced by the reviews and information available on the internet.

Using WeChat, Weibo and other social media platforms, apply influencer marketing tactics to reach a wide local market.

Use Test-And-Learn Approach

Don’t put out everything in the market all at once. Go slowly and test the products within a small audience and monitor their reactions.

Make use of different platforms and engage customers through multiple content campaigns. Consistency is the key to successful marketing. As customers become significantly aware of the brand, keep designing and releasing new PR campaigns to maintain their interest.

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