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Nearly 700 million Chinese users browse online, it’s about time your website gets a dose of Chinese website design, development and localization.


Harness succinct messages on professional Chinese voice overs, multimedia productions, and promotional campaigns with our talented Mandarin and Cantonese speakers.


Whether it’s a desktop or mobile software, software localization involves translation and localization of user’s interface and texts from English into Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese.


It’s not what you say but how you sell your idea on Chinese websites through our copywriting services on Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese texts to attracts customers.


Chinese consumers are voracious consumers of digital content. Promote your brand with custom online marketing solutions, optimized for web and mobile viewers.


Going mobile has been a lifestyle of every Chinese consumer. Whether you need to build from scratch or just an app localization, we’ll get it done.


With the right elements and principles on Chinese translation and localization, you can build a sustainable e-commerce platform to showcase your products for Chinese shoppers.


The projects on Chinese translations of texts from English into Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese includes both online and printed collaterals from technology to general business to legal to finance and more.

What is LIMPID?


LIMPID is a leading China language and Internet services agency with four offices in East Asia and Latin America, providing Chinese translations and Internet services to more than 50 cities worldwide .

The company has a dedicated team of Chinese web developers, professional translators, China SEO specialists, marketing experts and talented Mandarin and Cantonese speakers located strategically across Asia, who are well-informed with the current trends, opportunities and challenges in China market.

As one of the most prestigious names in the translation and interpretation industry, our professional Chinese language translators work both ways. Our professional can help you make anything written or spoken in Chinese translate to English without losing its actual meaning or sense. Our professionals have exceptional command on both the languages.

When taking your business across continents and countries, it is important to style your message right for the needs of the local audience. Our Chinese language translators can help ensure your content adapts the local language customs and styles for your target audience.

Our English to Chinese translation services are provided by professional linguists who are not only native speakers of Chinese mandarin, but also have an innate understanding of local cultures and tones.

Fast, accurate, secure and available 24/7, our Chinese language translation services leave no room for error. We make it possible for you to deliver high quality Chinese language documents and emails to local employers or clientele, as per your needs.

Get in touch with us today to talk to your English to Chinese translator online.

Our Work

Here’s a sneak preview of Limpid’s projects, spawning to various industries, from biotechnology, agriculture, art, e-commerce, information technology and many among others highly recommended by top-notch clients and organizations around the world.


May 9, 2018

Project Description

Website Link



May 9, 2018


May 9, 2018

Project Description

This informational website provides news and updates on Antigua and Barbuda as well as insights and benefits of the Economic Citizenship Program. The Limpid team worked on the website translation to Chinese, Russian, and Arabic.

Website Link


L’Italia Che Vive Website

May 9, 2018

Project Description

Website Link


Reelocooaster – Chinese Voice over

May 9, 2018

Project Description

Reelocoaster is a do-it-yourself video production platform that is intuitive and simple for the average user. It provides everyone with the opportunity to create broadcast quality videos for their home or business.
The intro video was fully localized to Chinese: Mandarin narration, subtitling in Chinese and translation of all graphics which appears on the video. Video production: Reelocoaster, Chinese voice-over and subtitling: Limpid Studio.

Amiad Sigma

May 9, 2018

L’Italia Che Vive video translation to Chinese

May 9, 2018

August Storck KG (Merci Chocolate)

May 9, 2018

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