Certified Chinese translators can help translate and localize your software for Mandarin Chinese speaking audience. We focus on ensuring the compatibility, usability and marketability of your end product for your Chinese speaking clientele.

Count on us to ensure that your software products get accepted with one of the world’s fastest growing markets in China. Cater to billions of Chinese speakers from across the globe, with our competent and specialized Chinese translation and localization solutions.

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Software Localization Into Chinese

Software localization is the translation of a user interface specifically software products and computer programs from one language into another. With our team of experts, Limpid is able to translate and localize software into Mandarin Chinese that involves a complex workflow due to the cultural differences and strict requirements in China compared to the West.

The process of localization includes adapting all the textual content and technical components, which requires an extensive familiarity with the nature of the Chinese market.

Adapting your software both linguistically and culturally will increase the company’s annual revenue tremendously as you take advantage of the Chinese purchasing habits to digital products. If you want to expand in China, translating and localizing your products are the best options.

Our software engineers use advanced tools for editing Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) and support files. We can deal with many file formats such as .rc, .java, .properties, .xml, etc.

You may also read our detailed software localization workflow to have an idea on how we do it behind the scenes.

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