Web and Mobile Services for the Chinese Market

Save your company from the embarrassment of using inappropriate color elements and structures of your corporate website in Chinese. LIMPID’s Chinese web designers and developers have comprehensive knowledge and understanding of how to design, build, and localize a website that will be appealing and appropriate for your target market.

With the proper placements of elements, colors, symbols, and texts, your English website will have a Chinese version without compromising your original branding. A Chinese Content Management System will be integrated as well, featuring diverse website elements such as HTML, ASP, Flash, Open Source and among others. Chinese web design services can help design and implement a compelling website that beautifully showcases your products and services for the local audience. Our web designers and developers create user-friendly interfaces using industry-standard coding and design practices. If you are looking for a scalable, secure, flexible and SEO-friendly website that effectively achieves all its objectives, call on us now! Smooth, responsive websites for Chinese markets start right here. Get in touch with us today to discuss your web design requirements and get a quick quote.


Your one-stop site that provides professional, scalable and customizable China Internet and language services to help you jumpstart your business


Nearly 700 million Chinese users browse online, it’s about time your website gets a dose of Chinese website design, development and localization.


Harness succinct messages on professional Chinese voice overs, multimedia productions, and promotional campaigns with our talented Mandarin and Cantonese speakers.


Whether it’s a desktop or mobile software, software localization involves translation and localization of user’s interface and texts from English into Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese.


It’s not what you say but how you sell your idea on Chinese websites through our copywriting services on Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese texts to attracts customers.


Chinese consumers are voracious consumers of digital content. Promote your brand with custom online marketing solutions, optimized for web and mobile viewers.


Going mobile has been a lifestyle of every Chinese consumer. Whether you need to build from scratch or just an app localization, we’ll get it done.


With the right elements and principles on Chinese translation and localization, you can build a sustainable e-commerce platform to showcase your products for Chinese shoppers.


The projects on Chinese translations of texts from English into Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese includes both online and printed collaterals from technology to general business to legal to finance and more.

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